Free activities for kids this summer

Dorset – yet in a simpler, more dignified time. We know many of our readers spent most of their time out of their bikes, in parks, on the beach and would now like their children to enjoy the same idyllic childhood. A new guidebook, released just in time for the Easter holidays, can help!

Local author Sarah-Jane Forder has compiled a book of more than 40 tried and tested outdoor activities, suggested and recommended by children. What’s more, many of the activities are free, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune, be you a parent, aunt or grandparent.

Sarah-Jane said: “I grew up in rural Dorset in the 1960s and 1970s, at a time when smartphones and computer games were just pie in the sky. We village kids played in hedges up and down the lane, in the spinney past the dairy at the top of the hill, and in neighbouring fields where, after the harvest was in, we’d build castles in the straw stacks. New technology is a wonderful thing, but for a lot of kids today their world is shrinking.

“Parents aren’t against their offspring going outside but many are frightened of letting them do so. One study has shown that the area around the home where children are allowed to roam on their own has declined by almost 90 per cent since the 1970s. The consequences of this are profound: whole generations leading ever more sedentary lives and growing up with little or no direct contact with nature. As the mother of a young daughter being raised in Dorset in the early noughties, I wrote the book to help rectify that.”

Kids’ Dorset is released on March 30.



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