Why adding a lift can boost your home’s value

If you struggle with mobility issues each day, a home lift could transform your quality of life. Rather than cautiously tackling the stairs multiple times per day – or avoiding them as much as possible to avoid pain or an injury – you could make your way up and down your floors with ease.

However, a lift cannot only improve your mobility in your home, as it can also increase the price of your property when the time comes to sell.

Find out why adding a lift can boost your home’s value.

A More Attractive Proposition

Unfortunately, many properties on the market do not provide disabled access, which can make it difficult for house hunters with mobility issues to find the right home for their needs. Installing a lift from a reputable manufacturer can be an attractive feature for many people living with a mobility problem and help you sell your property at a higher price.

This is because you are catering to a niche. If your home offers a lift to support a property hunter’s mobility issues, they will be more likely to make you an offer that meets or exceeds an asking price.

It is important to remember that the number of people living with a disability in the UK is reportedly on the rise. In fact, recent government data has estimated that there are 13.9 million disabled people, which accounts for 22% of the UK population. With this many people in need of special assistance in their home, you can really offer an attractive option on the property market by adding a lift to your home.

Receive a Percentage of Your Money Back

It’s likely a lift will become one of the most used facilities within your property, as it can help you to easily manoeuvre across your home.
Plus, if you choose to sell your property and maybe even move into a bungalow, you can leave this lift in your old home, and a percentage of its cost could be added onto the sales price.

A Unique Feature

Alternatively, a house hunter might be seeking a property that features unique features and facilities that have the wow factor.

Installing a home lift into your property could, therefore, be an appealing option for those browsing the market for unique housing. So, you might receive many more offers that meet your asking price.

Plus a property hunter might be more likely to make an offer if they have a relative or a friend who has a pre-existing mobility problem, and would need to use a lift to gain access to a bathroom or bedroom.

So, a lift could help your home to stand out from the crowd of housing in your local area.


If you are debating whether a high-quality lift is the best option for you, it is wise to consider your daily physical needs across the home.
If you believe the lift could transform your quality of life each day, it is definitely worth the investment. Plus, you can guarantee your home will be worth much more when the time comes to sell than it was before it was installed into your property.



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