Tips for running a more successful interview

As more businesses fight to attract the right hires, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find the right person to fill the right role. Jobseekers have more demands than ever, and with flexible working and career development in high demand, employers are having to change the way that they appeal to new team members.

Job interviews are generally stressful, no matter what side of the desk you’re on. If you need to start recruiting more effectively, here are some tips that will ensure your interview process is not limiting your potential to find the right members of your growing team.

Be Prepared

The job interview is your first opportunity to meet applicants face to face. To ensure that this goes smoothly, you need to be prepared. Make sure that you know exactly what the vacancy needs in terms of skills, and have a list of questions already prepared in advance. Never try to conduct a job interview on the fly. Be organised and you will have a much better chance of identifying the best person for the role.

Eradicate Stress

Not many people enjoy being interviewed for a job, and if your applicants are stressed then you will not have the clearest picture of their regular persona or levels of competence. You can tackle this by making sure that you remove stress-inducing factors in your interviews. Make sure that the time of day you choose for the interview is suitable for each applicant and shuffle the times around if someone will find it challenging to be there. It’s also a good idea to mention in your communications what the dress code of your workplace is, as this can reduce the preparation stress of your candidates.

Recruitment Research

Most recruiters will identify the basic requirements of a vacant position and then write a job description that is as open as possible. This wide net approach is rarely the most effective process. Rather than the scattergun approach, a recruitment strategy that takes on board a wide range of research essentials will yield much more positive results. Look at the services offered by professional recruitment researchers, with Angelfish Fieldwork offering a range of beneficial research options that can only improve your chances of finding the right team members.

The Question of ‘Cultural Fit’

There has been a lot of buzz in the last few years about the importance of cultural fit. It’s certainly something that should be considered, but it’s also important that you don’t make it the be-all and end-all of your recruitment plan. While you do need to consider just how someone will fit into your workplace culture, it’s just as important to gain an understanding of their potential to adapt. All workplaces are different, and finding a ‘cultural fit’ is certainly something worth bearing in mind when you run your social media background checks looking for red flags. Focus on skills and experience before you start narrowing down your recruitment options.

The interview process should be looked at as an opportunity to bolster your workforce with only the strongest candidates. People can react very differently during a job interview, so remember to make sure that stress is minimized and that you have a clear interview plan ready to go. The more that you can make your interviews feel like a conversation, the more likely it is you will get a more accurate picture of your candidates, making it easier to make the best choice when the interviews are finally over.



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