Slow technology tops office bugbears, according to Village Hotels

Nothing makes me tantrum quicker than a slow PC or dodgy WiFi. So it comes as no surprise that Village Hotels have found that old technology is holding small businesses back across Bournemouth.

The poll, detailed below, was commissioned by the hotel chain to promote their new co-working space. VWorks offers modern hot-desking spaces equipped with super-fast Wi-Fi, free printing and photocopying, free refreshments and flexible bookings via Village Hotel Club’s digital app.  The aim is for VWorks to be a place for small businesses to grow, not just through the use of top technology, also through the networking aspect of shared working spaces.

While outdated tech topped the survey, the poll also points out the cultural shift towards homeworking. With an increasing focus on work/life balance, 58% felt being in the office every day was unnecessary. As such, small businesses can rent co-working spaces for part-timers, contractors and freelancers.

The hotpot will also provide meeting spaces for those all-important client pitches. The poll found 33% said they prefer to host important meetings outside elsewhere, and 24% are embarrassed by the state of their current workspace.

The survey also found that topping the list of what benefits workers in the town want to see most, is flexible working (39%), closely followed by better technology (28%). Remote working days (25%) completed the top three office wish list.

Rob Jenkins, General Manager of Village Hotel Club Bournemouth, said: We’ve noticed an increasing number of people looking for a space to work throughout the day, whether they’re looking for a temporary alternative to the office, or the home.

“Through VWorks we hope to provide a smart and inspiring workspace, as well as giving people the opportunity to take advantage of our other facilities, from the Gym to Starbucks and our Pub & Grill.”

Office Frustrations: Bournemouth Office Frustrations: UK
1. Slow or outdated technology (22%) 1.The commute (14%)
2. The commute (11%) 2. Slow or outdated technology (14%)
3. Lack of attention to employee wellbeing (e.g. having to eat lunch at their desk) (11%) 3. Sitting with people you don’t like (14%)
4. Mess (7%) 4. Not having enough space (9%)
5. Lack of meeting rooms, not having enough space and sitting with people you don’t like (6%) 5. Lack of attention to employee wellbeing (e.g. having to eat lunch at their desk) (7%)
Office Wishlist: Bournemouth Office Wishlist: UK
1. Flexible working (39%) 1. Flexible working (44%)
2. Better Technology (28%) 2. Better Technology (42%)
3. Remote working days (25%) 3. Free refreshments (36%)
4. Great coffee (24%) 4. Remote working days (24%)
5. More space (17%) 5. More space (16%)



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