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We are all missing our hardressers. I can’t even decide where to go for dry Dry shampoo! Batiste is the best but that is more than a 20 minute walk alway. First world problems. (PS Dad – now would be a good time to buy/lend me a car).

The SALON64 team have sat down and have predicted how they think the hair styles and tends will change post lockdown.

With such an uplift in spirits will come a change in hairstyles, and owner of SALON64 Ricky Walters said:

“There has been little reason in lockdown to get all dolled up other than for the occasional Zoom call or quiz night. The public will crave an event or a party and in turn will definitely require party hair. Think accessories, glitter and volume! It will no longer be about subtle undone hair and much more glam in the face. Yes, I have had a big bouncy blow-dry and yes, I am proud of it!”

SALON64 stylist Dylan McConnachie agreeed. She said:  “After the public being held inside for so long and desperate to experience all life has to offer, we will see a massive surge in impulse cuts. Taking away a huge amount of length and restyling into a new bold shape. Edgy strong dramatic changes with be happening walking out the salons in just a few months and hair colour will follow suit. Bright, bold and summer pastels.”

SALON64 colourist Troy Alexandros said: “I predict a twist on a classic. Vintage pinup girls or classic 20’s one length bobs made quirky and cool with bright crazy colours. A futuristic flapper girl for the revival of London’s hair and beauty scene coming back with a bang”.



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