How To Navigate Business Meetings Successfully

Business meetings are often dreaded by both parties, whether it’s an employer and an employee or a business director and a potential client. They can be hard to navigate, with lengthy conversations, and an absence of agenda and technological problems becoming an issue.

However, to keep your business meetings on track, there are a number of efficient and productive ways in which you can ensure that your business meetings run successfully.

1. Consider The Location Of Your Meeting

When considering a business meeting, you should ensure that you choose your location wisely and pick somewhere that is relatively peaceful and will allow you to be at your most productive. If you are holding a meeting outside of your workplace, you should consider hiring a private venue in an easily accessible location as this will be both affordable and ensure that your discussion remains uninterrupted.

However, this is not always possible for remote workers. If you work from home and are considering having a meeting with a potential client, for example, you should consider relocating from your home to a shared working space, such as those found on

These will allow you to escape from any distractions at home, or the extensive noise level of a coffee shop, to find a peaceful environment from which you can contact your client or employer.

2. Set Up Any Technology in Advance

There is nothing worse than a meeting coming to a premature end due to struggles with your technology. If you will be using Skype and other video conferencing applications to conduct your meeting, or if it will include a digital presentation, for example, you should ensure that you set up this technology in advance of the meeting.

Doing so will mean that your meeting can start promptly and without the unprofessional hassle of a poor internet connection or dodgy Skype visuals.

3. Have a Pre-Established Agenda

What’s more, to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly, you should establish a business agenda before the session begins. It will ensure that you cover and discuss all of the information that you need to while enabling your session will be concise, and stick to the elements that are of the most importance.

You will be able to stay on-task, without veering off into alternative discussions, while allowing you and your colleagues to go home early.

4. Shorten Your Meetings

Many top business professionals now suggest that 15 minutes is the ideal meeting time, especially since this is the length of the average attention span. If you do not believe that you will be able to cover your agenda in 15 minutes, then you should consider aiming to conduct the meeting in 15-minute slots, with short breaks in between.

You may also consider having multiple sessions for you and your employees.

Doing so will ensure that everyone remains engaged with your session, making your meetings much more productive.

Navigating business meetings can be difficult, especially if you work remotely or have other commitments to consider. However, these tips will allow you to create more productive and engaging meetings where you will be able to discuss your priorities with a motivated team of colleagues.



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