Beans & Bites win green award

Dorset is famed for its green businesses – and now one of Christchurch’s newest entrepreneurs is Robyn Martin, whose mobile coffee store has just become Bournemouth’s first business ever to be awarded Plastic Free Status.

She set up her own mobile business in March 2019; with three years experience at a large chain, she was soon be serving hand picked artisan coffee, fair trade hot drinks and cakes.

Robyn said: “It has long been a brain child of mine. Coming back from learning the trade in Australia, I wanted to bring the coffee culture to the UK – their passion for hand crafted and a no tolerance for simply ‘ok’ coffee. Returning to a large chain, I was shocked at how much plastic and waste the coffee industry generated. Thus Beans & Bites was born. What really matters to me is bringing alive the coffee culture I experienced and loved, but in a sustainable way.

“So I went to massive lengths to ensure my business had as little impact on the environment as possible. From sourcing locally to reduce my carbon footprint, using renewable energy to power the coffee equipment and researching extensively how I could get the product I wanted using recyclable, recycled, and plastic free materials.

“So far I have had good reception, not only on the solar powered coffee but also the concept, and the service. During Beans & Bites’ first summer we will be attending Christchurch Music Festival, Mudeford Seafood Festival and Burley Food Fest among others – providing visitors high quality service as well as building up my growing and loyal local trade.”

Plastic Free Bournemouth Community Leader Beata Springer met with Robyn to discuss the award. She said: “We were amazed with Robyn’s motivation to be plastic free right from the beginning of her business journey. She doesn’t cut corners but actively reduces her environmental impact. So impressive! Others can only learn from her and we hope she will lead the way for the rest of Bournemouth.”



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