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We love a good comic book anti-hero and Black Panther is our favourite film of 2018 so far. Marvel Studios have brought the adventures of young king of Wakanda to the masses since 1966 and his journey is brought bang up to date with the latest smash-hit film.

Unfortunately, we can’t visit Wakanda, but holiday rental firm Holidu.co.uk wants to help you come close. This Munich-based startup – a search engine for vacation rentals – has recommended us eight rental gems hidden in the African continent that are as incredible as Wakanda for a Black Panther-inspired trip of a lifetime.

Vilankulos by Ana Raquel S. Hernandes via FlickrVilanculos Beach: Located in Vilanculos, in Mozambique, this is the perfect destination for sea-lovers. In addition to the pristine white sand beaches, the perfectly clear turquoise waters can’t help but enchant everyone who visits this off-the-beaten-path spot.

Book this villa for eight, which makes it tempting to want to spend your entire vacation staying home. Featuring an outdoor pool and BBQ facilities, this villa is right in front of the beach, air-conditioned and has its own private garden. There’s a downstairs lounge – spacious, and equipped with satellite channels – in case you want to keep Black Panther playing on repeat.

Lamu: The ancient city of Lamu, Kenya, lies about 200 km north of Mombasa, and is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili city in East Africa. In addition to offering a rich history and unique architecture, the city is surrounded by emerald green beaches and spectacular views of nature.

Book this beach cottage, which, despite being located by the sea in an old Swahili city, boasts modern luxuries in a comfortable setting for eight, such as Internet, WiFi, a flat-screen TV, bar and more.

Bo-Kaap: Although Cape Town is undoubtedly a famous travel destination, there are still some unexplored areas in the city, such as Bo-Kaap, a district that is very important to South Africa’s national heritage, and it enchants visitors with its brightly-painted mosques houses, as well as several delicious family-owned restaurants where you can taste true South African local cuisine for a good price.

We recommend taking temporary residence at this apartment. It boasts amenities such as a gym, an outdoor pool an exercise facility, a flat-screen TV and a fully-equipped kitchen.

miradourMiradouro da Lua (pictured): This set of cliffs lies 40km south of Luanda, in Angola, and was formed by erosion caused by wind and rain. As such, Miradoura da Lua landscape’s landscape looks like it’s from another planet altogether.

Fontainhas_(Cabo_Verde)_By Quiebrajano, via Wikimedia CommonsFontainhas (pictured): This village is for adventure-lovers. This place is perfect for rock-climbing, hiking and diving. We recommend this gorgeous, two-person guesthouse. You’ll be living in the lap of luxury when you’re not out on adventures – in addition to a swimming pool and lovely garden, a continental breakfast is served every morning at the property, and every room is fitted with a private bathroom. WiFi and private parking available on-site.

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park: Located in Madagascar, this unique geological formation looks like a real forest made out of needle-shaped rocks. The park is now a UNESCO heritage site that surely deserves a visit.

Lake Retba: Senegal has been billed as one of the most trendy destinations of 2018, but there are still some very well-kept secrets in the country, such as Lake Retba. The name translates to “Pink Lake” and indeed, the lake is rose-colored (due to certain algae and its high salt content).

We recommend this guesthouse although you need to make sure the amazing pool doesn’t distract you too much from seeing the Pink Lake. It’s truly an oasis with needs of the modern world easily met – what with a 24-hour front desk, WiFi, meals served upon request, private bathrooms and more.

Sidi Bou Said: This beautiful village, clad in white and blue tones, is located on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia and is famous for having attracted many writers and painters in the past who choose the village as a refuge and source of inspiration.

Book this large, nine-person vacation home. With white-washed walls, and blue doors, it almost feels like you’re in Greece, or some Mediterranean destination. The arches and bright mosaic tiles, however, remind you that you are, indeed, in Northern Africa.




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