Rent a holiday home from a Hollywood star!

The Oscars were once again a triumph and gave us a glimpse into the gilded life of the A-lister. Want to find out more? This summer, why not live the life yourself, if only for a week? Holidu, the search engine for holiday lettings, recommended six holiday homes in which Oscar-winners have stayed that YOU can rent. These dream homes can be easily booked by anyone at all, with just a few clicks – and some of them are even pretty affordable.

USA, Las Vegas (pictured)

Nick Cage Doesn’t Want to be “Leaving Las Vegas”

This location has been an absolute pleasure for former resident and US actor Nicolas Cage: This mansion, fit for 12, is located on a 370 m² property that can accommodate up to 10 cars. Thanks to the idyllic garden with ancient trees, you feel like you’re not even in Vegas. The city likely has a special place in Nick Cage’s heart, as he was nominated – and won Best Actor – in 1996 for a movie called “Leaving Las Vegas.” Bookable via Holidu, starting at £586 per day.

Book here: www.holidu.co.uk/s/usa/las-vegas?holiduId=3836892

Spain, Mallorca

Do the Halle Berry and Book an Island Overlook

US actress Halle Berry has already enjoyed some out-of-office time in this luxury villa with spectacular sea views. From your choice of several terraces, you can let your eyes wander across the water, to the sun setting in the horizon; even if the weather’s bad (a rarity in Mallorca), you’ll have a good time here, what with a private cinema included. Pool and sundeck (of course) also come with the house. Thus, the price – from £330 per night (and a 400 m² property for 10 people) – can be actually quite affordable.

Book here: www.holidu.co.uk/s/spain/soller?holiduId=11945635

USA, Bahamas

Enjoy Classy Comforts like Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Glenn Close

With a price starting at £2143 per night, we can’t say this is a bargain, but it’s a big house…split the cost between lots of friends, and it isn’t too bad! Billionaires and Hollywood stars alike, such as Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Glenn Close, spent time in this Bahamas villa. Additionally, two years ago, the US magazine Sports Illustrated shot its cover photo for the Swimsuit Issue here (cover in the link). On-site amenities include not only a direct beachfront location and fantastic views, but also a private motorboat for up to 10 people. A private chef can also be booked for €600 per day.

Book here: www.holidu.co.uk/s/the-bahamas/exuma?holiduId=3739044

USA, New Hampshire

Bette Davis’ Former Mountain Lodge

New Hampshire is the perfect spot for summer vacationers, and in winter, the White Mountains are great for skiing. The iconic Bette Davis already appreciated this region firsthand, from the comfort of her sprawling former estate. For £172 per night, let her old house and enjoy its exceptional antiques and rare works of art. Fits up to eight people.

Book here: www.holidu.co.uk/s/usa/sugar-hill?holiduId=3185608

USA, Los Angeles

A Glamorous Oasis in the Middle of LA

This hidden Los Angeles oasis has served as a temporary home to actors like Heath Ledger and David Arquette. And that’s because this place meets virtually every celebrity requirement: A spot smack-dab in the middle of the city, but within idyllic seclusion and complete privacy. There’s no wonder that this house fulfills all the celeb must-haves: it’s owned by German film producer and actress Birgit Stein, who created this home with love and attention to in the hopes of building a sort of “island of peace” in the middle of La La Land. Inside, individual elements such as a Moroccan Hollywood lend to the luxurious, yet exotic atmosphere.

With dense foliage surrounding the house, the garden is indeed its own (privacy-inducing) paradise and shields the house from the outside world. In the outdoor cabana, one can recline on daybeds without an audience. An absolute highlight are the two Tiki bars, where you can enjoy tropical toasts. Best of all, the property sleeps up to 14 people; by splitting the costs, it can certainly be affordable.

Vacation rental comparison portal Holidu has determined it can start as low as £362 per night – though the price is subject to availability, and even negotiable.

Book here: www.holidu.co.uk/s/usa/los-angeles?holiduId=5002690

USA, Hollywood

Concentrated Oscar Power: Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, David Bowie, Rita Hayworth

This house isn’t only the place where Orson Wells wrote “Citizen Kane” – one of the most important works in cinematic history – but also boasts having had Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand (both double Oscar winners) as guests. Other famous people who have stayed here include David Bowie and Rita Hayworth. Join this list of the rich and famous and relax in the large hot tub, play some billiards on your own pool table or lounge on the terrace while taking in breathtaking views of Hollywood. Split the cost between eight people – £493 per night.

Book here: www.holidu.co.uk/s/usa/los-angeles?holiduId=5002690


For more information, see www.holidu.co.uk




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