Veganuary: fresh dinner ideas from Waitrose

Going vegan is a great way to boost your health in January without resorting to faddy diets. But it can be tricky to get all the nutrients you need to support your New Year’s Resolutions to join a gym, sleep better, have more energy… Luckily Waitrose have expanded their range to give you a wealth of ideas for dinner tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the month.

If the family aren’t keen, why not introduce meat-free Mondays? They will never know the difference.

The new range includes:

Waitrose & Partners will add over 30 new vegan products, across own-label and branded, doubling the range from last year.

The new range includes a number of first-to-market innovations such as the Vegan No Egg Fried Rice, cooked rice with tofu, petits pois, spring onion, ginger and sesame seed oil, and the Crisp-Crumbed Fishless Goujons, made from banana blossom, a natural ingredient found at the end of the banana fruit cluster with a fleshy, flaky texture that mimics fish. Another exclusive only found at Waitrose & Partners, is a Vegan Spicy Meatless Feast Pizza, which uses vegan pepperoni.

The retailer has revealed sales for vegan and vegetarian products have increased in the last year, with vegan ready meals overtaking vegetarian for the first time ever*.
Highlights from the new range include:

  • Waitrose & Partners Vegan No Egg Fried Rice £1.99/350g: Cooked rice with tofu, petits pois, spring onion, ginger and sesame seed oil. Perfect with take away curries and stir fries, our no egg fried rice is a first to market, inspired by street food restaurants. We are using a combination of turmeric and tofu to help with vibrant egg colour and texture.
  • Waitrose & Partners Vegan Crisp-Crumbed Fishless Goujons 3.50/200g: Made with jackfruit, banana blossom and oyster mushrooms – great in a sandwich or wrap with tartare sauce made from vegan mayonnaise.
  • Waitrose & Partners Vegan No Chicken Samosa £2.59/200g: A moreish snack, ideal as a starter or side to curries, our no chicken samosa is made with with crisp fried pastry filled with soya mince, onion and potato with herbs and spices.
  • Waitrose & Partners Vegan Pea and Jack Hock Fiorelli £3.19/250g: Fresh pasta is filled with petits pois and jackfruit with a hint of mint and smoked paprika. Ideal to be served with our new tomato and mascarfone sauce.
    Waitrose & Partners Vegan Asian inspired BBQ Mushroom with Sticky Rice £3.75/350g: Fluffy and aromatic sticky rice served with marinated and roasted portobello mushrooms, vibrant pak choi and pickled vegetables in a spicy chilli and garlic sauce.

Simona Cohen-Vida-Welsh, Waitrose & Partners Vegan Developer said: “Last year we saw veganism and plant based diets making their way further into the mainstream and we see no signs of this slowing down. 

“This January we are doubling our vegan and vegetarian range with some innovative new products not seen on supermarket shelves before. Our flavour-packed range offers both simple ingredients for customers to build their own dishes and comforting ready meals for a quick and easy dinner. Cutting down on meat, increasing your vegetable intake or going vegan has never been easier!”



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