The 12 pets of Christmas

Do you have the time, space and heart to provide a loving home to a rescue animal? The RSPCA is hoping to grant the Christmas wishes of a dozen rescued animals and is searching for 12 paw-fect homes for 12 purr-fect pets

1. Ivy

Pretty puss Ivy (main picture) has been through the wars. The 10-year-old arrived as a stray at RSPCA Essex South, Southend & District Branch very poorly and needed a lot of veterinary treatment. She suffers from calicivirus which causes respiratory problems and ulceration of the mouth. It can be passed between cats so she’s looking for a home as the only pet. She’s a lovely, happy and friendly cat who deserves a home to call her own. She loves company and will make a great companion. For more information about her please contact the branch on 07749 175023.

2. Star

Ten-year-old cat Star was rescued by the RSPCA from a multi-cat household where she was extremely stressed and had lost her fur. Her coat is now growing back and staff at RSPCA Southall Cattery are now hoping to find her a new, loving home. Star is very sweet and friendly but can be quite shy. She’d like a calm, quiet, adult-only home where she can slowly gain confidence. For more information about her please contact the cattery on 0300 123 0746.

3. Olaf

German shepherd cross akita Olaf is a very clever boy who is looking for a new home where he’ll get lots of exercise and mental stimulation. The three-year-old is currently at Bath Cats & Dogs Home and is looking for a special home with owners who can understand his limitations. He can be very distressed by other dogs and is looking for a home without neighbouring dogs. He is also frightened of traffic so our staff would advise walking him in secure, fenced dog fields to ensure he’s safe and settled. For more information about Olaf please contact the centre on 01225 787321.


4. Cracker & Angel

Who can resist a Christmas kitten? What about two Christmas kittens? These adorable 12-week-old siblings are looking for a special home together this festive season. Cracker and Angel would like to stay together in their new home. They can be a little wary of strangers but are very playful and full of fun once they know you. They’re looking for a new home with lots of space for them to play and access to a garden. They could live with children and with a dog. For more information in this playful pair please contact RSPCA Barnsley & District branch on 07823 550886.


5. Robin

One-year-old cockerel Robin is a very handsome, happy bird who is looking for a new home this Christmas. Robin is being cared for by staff at The William & Patricia Venton Animal Centre, run by RSPCA Cornwall branch, while he waits to find a new home with some hen friends. He is a confident bird who loves nothing more than the simple things in life like chasing leaves blowing in the wind in his enclosure. For more information about offering Robin a home please contact the centre on 01637 881455.

6. Cranberry & Galaxy

Sweet little Cranberry the guinea pig is hoping she’ll bag herself a home this Christmas with her best friend, Galaxy. The two pigs are being looked after at Newport Animal Centre in Wales. Cranberry was born in RSPCA care after her mother was rescued by the charity. She’s a little shy so would like to go to a home with a family who can give her lots of time and attention to help build up her confidence. If you’d like to find out more about Cranberry & Galaxy please call the centre on 0300 123 0744.

7. Frost

One-year-old Siberian husky Frost has had a very traumatic past and is looking for experienced owners who can help rehabilitate him. He’s currently at RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre, in Surrey, where staff have been working hard to help him on the road to recovery. As a husky, he needs lots of exercise and attention – and he howls when he’s left alone. He’ll need someone who can work with him to build his trust and teach him that the world isn’t a scary place. He’s very clever and has started learning commands – plus he’s lots of fun! He loves play-time and enjoys nothing more than zooming around with his friends. For more information please contact Millbrook on 0300 123 0740.

8. Snowball

One-year-old bunny Snowball is a lovely, friendly boy who was signed over into the RSPCA’s care. He’s currently being looked after by staff at RSPCA Derby & District branch. He’s happy being handled and would be suitable for a family with older children. He also likes climbing onto laps for some strokes and affection. He’d like a home with a female rabbit for company (depending on successful meet and bonding) and would like a large enclosure to explore. If you could offer Snowball a new home please contact the branch on 01332 344620.


9. Dasher

Dashing through the snow, hopping to find a new home this Christmas is the adorable Dasher! This one-year-old dwarf rabbit is currently at RSPCA Northamptonshire branch waiting for a home. Unfortunately he was handed over as his owner developed an allergy and he’d now like to find a bunny buddy to spend his days with. He likes to hop around and loves toys so needs a large enclosure to live in. He could live with a family with children. For more information please call the branch on 01604 881317.


10. Bauble

This little cutie is African soft-furred rat Bauble who was rescued from a large multi-animal house over a year ago! He’s spent most of his life in RSPCA care but staff at Ashley Heath Animal Centre, in Dorset, are keen to find him a fur-ever home. He’s a little shy so would benefit from a new home where he will have lots of handling. He loves food and treats and will come out to say ‘hello’ if there’s a treat in it for him! He’d like a large, spacious cabe with lots of enrichment to keep him busy. To find out more about him please contact the centre on 0300 123 0749.

11. Yule

This handsome crossbreed bun is Yule, a one-year-old being looked after by RSPCA staff at Doncaster, Rotherham & District branch. He’s an independent bunny who loves being outside and running around. He needs an experienced owner who can help build his confidence with handling. He’d also like to live with a female rabbit and would suit a family home with older children.


12. Humbug

Despite his name, this fun-loving border collie is hoping Christmas could be his favourite time of year – as he’s hoping to bag a new home! The one-year-old was signed over to the RSPCA’s care when they could no longer cope with him. He’s being looked after by the RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton & District branch where staff describe him as young, excitable and with bags of energy. He’d like an active home where he’ll get lots of physical and mental stimulation. He’s really friendly and will make a wonderful pet for the right home. For more information about him please contact the centre on 0247 633 6166.

If you live in a flat or have a busy job, don’t adopt, donate instead. A donation of £12 could help buy the gift of comfort for a needy animal, providing a warm blanket, tasty treats and a toy or £24 could give the gift of safety, helping us answer and respond to a call and provide a safe bed.




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