New BBQ tasty treats

We may be on lockdown but we can still barbecue in our own gardens. Now, noone BBQs better than my Dad but I’ve got a new idea for him – wish me luck.

Pigs in Blanket Kebabs (296g, £1.99). Available in store now.

Sausage Whirl Kebabs (270g, £1.99). Available in store now.

Supermarket Aldi is launching brand-new sausage kebabs – available in two varieties, and perfect for outdoor summer BBQing. Available to buy in stores now.

Aldi is giving a Christmas classic a summer BBQ twist with the launch of its giant Pigs in Blanket Kebabs (296g, £1.99). The 100% British pork sausages are wrapped in Beechwood smoked cured streaky bacon, and perfectly portioned into four snackable-size kebabs. Cook for 22-26 minutes and finish on the BBQ for a final five minutes, for oh-so-delicious summertime kebabs, which you can enjoy al fresco – just don’t ‘hog’ them all!

Get some pork on your fork with Aldi’s Sausage Whirl Kebabs (270g, £1.99). Delicately seasoned and made with 100% British pork, the swirls of sausage goodness are ready in less than half an hour – cook in the oven for 14-18 minutes before transferring to a piping hot BBQ for the final five minutes to capture the smoky flavour.

For sizzling sausage dinners to make mouths water and taste-buds tingle, pick up a pack of Sausage Whirls or Pigs in Blanket Kebabs on your next Aldi shop.

Bear in mind, as well, it’s a good idea to pick up a salad or two to keep the family healthy. Little tip – hard boiled eggs and light mayonnaise to add protein.



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