More alcohol-free cocktail ideas

Lockdown makes recovery extra, extra hard. Especially if you are self-isolating alone, and the corner shop is just a 10 minute walk away. The best thing to do is load up on non-alcoholic treats and ‘urge surf’ when the relapse demons enter your head.

Beer makes a great cocktail ingredient and helps move an alcohol-free cocktail from being a kids drinks in a posh glass, to a refined drink designed for adults. 

The new wave of lo and no alcohol beers, like binary botanical, provide a stunning range of new ingredients for cocktails – as a base and a mixer.

The reason is simple, fermented drinks like beer have over 4000 flavour compounds that introduce a level of complexity to cocktails made at home. As we sip our drink, we recognise hundreds of different flavours without even realising it. This means that with beer and low/no beer you can create a level of flavour complexity with beer cocktails and mocktails you couldn’t with non-fermented products.

So we recommend experimenting with beer, low or no alcohol beer or other fermented drinks to make your home creations more sophisticated and grown-up. Here are our tips:

1.      Select aromatic but not bitter beer styles for example wheat beers, sour beers, botanical beers like binary.

2.      Choose mixers which complement your beer flavour profile – use classic cocktail recipes for inspiration e.g. a raspberry sour with elderflower or a wheat beer with ginger and orange

3.      Watch the level of sweetness – beers allow you to create low calorie cocktails which do not have to rely on sweetness for depth



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