Alcohol free bubbly for BBQs

Whether you are looking to shift some lockdown pounds or cut your alcohol intake, it pays to buy in some posh soft drinks so you don’t feel you are missing out. Serve in a wine or champagne glass and enjoy the fizz without a hangover.

Luscombe from Devon is a premium drinks range with a taste of the seaside. A box of 12 is a little over £20 so great value, too.

If you are planning a party or BBQ, buy a box of Luscombe Wild Elderflower Bubbly. This versatile English classic goes equally well with sweet or savoury dishes, especially party nibbles. Enjoy over ice or lavish with frozen berries and a twist of lemon for a refreshing summer punch (box of 12 x 270ml bottles £20.28).

For Insta-perfect pink drinks, try  Luscombe Damascene Rose Bubbly. This elegant and delicate drink has a heady aroma of Damascene rose petals, married with Muscat grapes and Sicilian lemon juice. Gently effervescent and fragranced, this bubbly is great served on its own and paired with canapes or seafood dishes such as scallops (box of 12 x 270ml bottles £20.28).

My favourite summer tipple is Sicilian lemonade. It’s also perfect to pair with pasta for a decadent lockdown meal. Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade is intensely flavoured with the finest Sicilian lemons rounded off with an indulgent splash of Madagascan vanilla (box of 12 x 270ml bottles £20.28).

Luscombe Raspberry Crush is ideal if rose is your drink of choice usually. Muddle with basil and plenty of crushed ice for a fragrant twist (box of 12 x 270ml bottles £20.28). Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer is jam-packed with fresh ginger to deliver a delectable spicy hit. Glorious accompanied with a slice of lime and pairs well with barbecued chicken and pulled pork (box of 12 x 270ml bottles £20.28).

A fridge essential is Luscombe Devon Tonic Water – delicious served on its own over plenty of ice or as an accompaniment to your favourite craft gin. Rare Japanese yuzu pair s with pure Devon spring water, the distinctive taste of Indian quinine creates a truly delightful drinking experience (box of 12 x 200ml bottles £14.28).

Buy online at  www.luscombe.co.uk, email info@luscombe.co.uk or call 01364 64 30 36.  Follow Luscombe on Twitter: @luscombedrinks, Instagram: luscombedrinks or ‘Like’ on Facebook.



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