£583million spent on Christmas

No wonder we are all so stressed this time of year. New research shows that we spend £583million on subscription boxes alone – and that includes ‘self-gifting’ i.e. people treating themselves at this most crazy time of year.

Subscription boxes could make the perfect Christmas gift for many consumers as they fit through the letterbox. You can buy everything from magazine subscriptions to food and drink vouchers to health and beauty boxes.

A subscription box is a recurring delivery of products packaged as an experience and designed to offer additional value on top of the actual retail products contained in the box, such as through surprise, a saving on what is on offer in the shops, or by giving the user a chance to experiment with a tailored selection of products.

Ninety per cent of subscription shoppers bought subscription boxes as gifts for themselves but almost a third (32 per cent) bought on behalf of somebody else while 42 per cent of those who signed up for a subscription box themselves did so to give themselves a treat. And who doesn’t need a spa treatment in January?!

A spokesperson from Royal Mail said: “Gifting and self-gifting are key drivers for growth in the subscription box economy. The gifting market is important for subscription businesses, especially at this festive time of year, including gifting to others and the growing trend for self-gifting. By including a “surprise and delight” element to a subscription box service, businesses can tap into consumer demand in this space.

“With the UK’s biggest by far “Feet on the Street” network covering 90.000 postmen and women, Royal Mail is playing a key role in keeping carbon emissions low. The vast majority of subscription items are letterboxable and so are ideally suited for on-foot delivery by Royal Mail and do not require a van delivery.”



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