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Want to lose weight, feel great and have more cash for Christmas?

georgia1‘Tis the season to be… broke and stressed. I don’t mean to sound like The Grinch but I, like a lot of people, find December really challenging. As a naturally anxious person, I have a whole host of things to worry about. Will I have enough money to buy decent presents for my family? Will I drink too much? Will I be able to fit into my favourite party dresses?

Luckily, this year I am prepared and my secret weapon is – hypnotherapy. No, really. You can learn how to cut your drinking in half, have AFDs (alcohol-free days), a clear head in the morning AND cut calories in your sleep. Literally.

I’ve written about Georgia Foster’s 7-day Drink Less Mind programme before and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve re-used it several times when I’ve noticed my alcohol usage is on the up again. The first day is free (see below for a link) and Georgia has helped people from all walks of life, all around the world, to regain control of their alcohol intake.

She’s been helping people drink less for 21 years. All that experience is in the recordings.

Each day, you get a 10-minute motivational recording and a hypnotherapy recording to play at bedtime.

The tapes talk you through the reasons why you drink, as everyone has a different personality and a different reason for drinking.

“Your reason for drinking so much could be completely different to the next person’s: guilt, fear, loneliness, confidence, anything could trigger your desire for drink but the Drink Less Mind recordings focuses on those issues and helps you work out a strategy to manage it,” she says.

Of course, if you have a serious problem with alcohol, your first stop should be your GP. But if it is just something that needs a little care and attention, this programme is just a week of your life, 10 minutes a day plus a tape to play overnight. What have you got to lose?

Why is this so important this time of year? Three main reasons: it helps cut festive stress; it saves you money; and you cut back on the ’empty’ calories in alcohol so that little black dress will fit like a glove at the work Christmas party.

So forget ‘Sober October’ and whole month of abstinence. You can get this under control in just a week. Give it a try!

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Download your FREE first day here: www.georgiafoster.com/free-day/

Buy the whole programme here now for just £54.97georgia3

‘The 7 Days To Drink Less’ is beneficial in assisting in the reduction of alcohol consumption because it helps you understand how your unconscious mind often plays with your conscious mind. And the best part is all you need to do is relax and enjoy the journey to a healthier and happier you

Hypnosis calms both your mind and body, and allows your conscious mind to drift then as this happens your unconscious mind becomes more open to changing its learnt behavioural patterns and emotional responses.

‘The 7 Days to Drink Less’ is made up of 10 powerful hypnotic recordings in combination with life changing psychology technique called Inner Dialogue. These amazing techniques can help you to drink less by alleviating your fears, whether it is the need to stop drinking or simply to cut back on your alcohol consumption.





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