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Review: The KAOS Brief

Do you ever feel like your phone is surgically attached to your hand? My obsession with gadgets and social media is the subject of an upcoming feature for the Daily Mail – keep an eye on my Twitter feed for the link – and, as part of my research, I decided to watch new film The KAOS Brief.

It’s a horror/thriller based around our obsession with documenting every aspect of our lives with our mobile phones. The key character is a blogger, Skylar (Drew Lipson), who runs SkylarTV on YouTube, in which he arrogantly shares his life, his opinions and his experiences, no matter what. As such, the film has a Blair Witch-esque found-footage theme.

His partner Corey (Marco DelVecchio), Skylar’s sister Dakota (Charlie Morgan) and her boyfriend Then (Akanimo Eye) head out on a camping trip (so far, so spooky) and record their antics – other footage comes from CCTV and drones, illustrating how nothing is really private anymore, whether you record it yourself or ‘Big Brother’ does.

Of course, the camping trip does not run smoothly, from lights in the sky to warning messages on his videos to visits from eerie men… It’s horror in the digital age and the engaging slow-burn plot had me riveted from the opening scene. The characters aren’t your average thriller studs and bimbos. They are clearly intelligent characters who at first dismiss the lights as a bad prank but slowly start to debate their experiences. The truth is out there, peeps.

Skylar may be self-obsessed but he sure is charming and the use of YouTube predominately is fascinating, as I have often considered the move from blogging to vlogging. It’s one thing writing ‘confessional’ pieces for newspapers and websites but quite another to add filming to the mix. I think I’ll stick with words for the time being.

The KAOS Brief is director JP Mandarino’s first feature film and a truly impressive debut with an important message. We all like to joke about conspiracy theories and government cover-ups but who knows if these men in black suits really exist or not.

Mandarino’s CV boasts a mix of music videos and adverts: for the likes of Madonna, Wyclef Jean, OutKast, Slick Rick, Master P, and Nate Dogg and Warren G, and big brands such as Levi’s, Conair, Ray Ban, Burger King, Intel, Qualcomm, Universal Studios and McDonals. As such, his work is slick and sexy, as well as engaging. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Find and more and look for your nearest listing at: http://thekaosbrief.com

Watch the trailer below.




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