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Migraine awareness week: beat the beast

I’ve always prided myself on having a high pain threshold. I’ve worked through hangovers, broken arms, panic attacks, broken hearts. But there is one thing I can’t work through and that’s a migraine. The flashing lights, disorentation and nausea are so frightening.

It was only when I went to work in London that I found out they are common, and you can cope. Or you can battle it.

Dr. SREELAL SANKAR, Chief Ayurveda Physician & Dr. POORNIMA SREELAL, Manager, Dietary & Food Production at Kalari Rasayana a CGH Earth Ayurveda Hospital http://www.cghearthayurveda.com/kalari-rasayana/ have compiled their overview to help migraine sufferers tackle this debilitating condition.

“Naturopathy considers Migraine headaches are just as a symptom of an underlying cause. The basic underlying cause in nothing but the imbalance in one or more lifestyle factors that determines your health. In the case of migraine one person’s Microbiome and stress plays a major underlying cause.

“Dysbiosis – a disrupted microbiome – leads to leaky gut which ends up in having toxic blood, and it finally manifests as a disease- and for some persons, it might be a migraine. It is your genetics which decides what goes wrong, but it is the imbalance in the nutrition and environment that decides ‘ why it went wrong ’. As diseases are caused by imbalance and not because of lack of any drugs, drugs aren’t going to solve the problem.

“As per the panchamahabhootha theory, imbalance in the Vayu thathwa may lead to Migraine. The Naturopathic way of management of Migraine is aimed to correct the leaky gut by providing fibre-rich food and pre and probiotic food. We assist the healing process by promoting the detoxification of blood through therapeutic fasting and other naturopathic treatments. The imbalance in the Vayu tatwa and stress will be managed with the help of Yoga asanas, kriya and pranayama and through exposure to fresh air.

“Above all the patient will be equipped well to prevent the recurrence of the disease and use of drugs in the future by avoiding the causative factors which lead to imbalance.”



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