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Editor’s blog: 6 Week Body Transformation – week 6 (results, rejoice, regret)


Jango 6 week results plan dietPretty nifty results eh? Considering my slip-ups – wine at High Street Fashion Week, a few packets of crisps when stress got on top of me – I’m bloody delighted to have lost so much weight. My body shape has altered, my waist is higher up and clothes fit so much better. I’ve got more energy and the diet plan has introduced me to foods and recipes I know I will continue to enjoy moving forward.

I know my weight will always go up and down and, although I am committed to making some changes in my lifestyle, I’ll always be prone to stress and stress-related eating. But at least now I have even more tools in my fat-fighting arsenal.

In terms of the headline yes I’m rejoicing at my results but there is an element of regret about the times I’ve fallen off the diet wagon during the plan. Still, I can’t change that, I just need to accept that there is an element of self-destruction to such behaviour that I need to work on. Being beautiful starts on the inside and I need to get more comfortable with myself, not just focus on the results on the scales or on the tape measure.

I’ve tried tonnes of diets, many bootcamps, I’ve read books, I’ve battled my weight since I was about 12 years old. But the six-week plan with Jango Health & Fitness has been the quickest and most effective programme I’ve tried yet.

You can read more about my experiences on my Telegraph blog. Or read the whole six-week diary here:

Week 1: the whinge

Week 2: the breakthrough

Week 3: the slip-up

Week 4: the redemption

Week 5: the lightbulb moment

Jango’s 6-week Body Transformation, Bournemouth

Weight: Before 10 stone 1 After 9 stone 8

Body fat: Before 26.1% After 23.7%

Waist: Before 79cm (31 inches) After 73cm (28 inches)



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