Experiences in Europe: ideas from Inspire Me Travel

By Karen, CEO of Inspire Me Travel

Having been interviewed recently and asked only to talk about the negative effect of the Pandemic on my business I feel its about time we immersed ourselves in optimism and positivity. My company, Inspire Me Travel is an Experiential Travel Company; we make dreams come true by organising experiences around the world under categories such as Wine, Opera, Jazz, Art, Wildlife etc. Yes, we have been adversely affected by the current situation but it has equally made us more determined to share our Experiences, to enlighten, to entice and to inspire. The world, although vulnerable, as we have clearly seen over the last few months, offers a never ending magic, so much of which is unknown to many.

The crystal clear waters of Cassis in Provence, almost parallel to the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Blue Caves of Croatia, standing feet away from Gorillas in Rwanda and Orangutans in Borneo, the thrill of driving a Ferrari around the coastal roads of Monaco, the feeling of elation as you applaud the cast of the Opera Aida at the Verona Arena, wine tasting at the former home of Mona Lisa in Chianti, Tuscany ….. this is just a touch of the magic we offer.

So as we slowly emerge out of the black cloud of the last few months and as the Quarantine measures become non existent and the skies reopen, let’s look forward to what the world has to offer, to feel the sun on our faces as we wade into the ocean, to sip wine as we watch the sunset over mountains, to hear children playing together as they finally enjoy that long-awaited holiday.



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