The Christmas countdown continues…

An update on my mission to have a stress-free Christmas (if there is such a thing); I’ve bought, wrapped and even distributed some gifts but moving house, friends and family illness and relationship woes mean I’m still running away from that Black Dog ever day. BUT I’m determined to keep running and have a plan for the next two weeks that I hope will work…

More walking and exercise daily; I’m back in Bournemouth (my happy place) so I want to see lots of beach sunsets and get back into training with my MMA chums;

Driving for the first time since September 2013; I’m going to face my fears and try out the fixed broken arm on a stick shift car. I hired a Renault car from Hertz this weekend to check out the Bath Christmas Market, inspired by their Winter Wonderland blog. It was fantastic – I was so nervous about BEING nervous but once I got back behind the wheel, it took me back to my carefree 20s;

Snowdonia Cheese Company

Despite the crowds, I loved the market and was struck by the passion of the stall-holders. The Bath Humbug Shop and The Snowdonia Cheese Company really stood out.

Next on my list is a mission to the Winter Village in Hackney Central this weekend – it’s a new 3-day event and I love supporting small businesses and mum-trepreneurs.

Finally, one of my gifts to my friends is also a gift to myself… I’ve bought two spa vouchers at Karma in Winton (Bournemouth’s student central… I used to live there in 1999!). For just £10, their beautiful scrolls offer a choice of treatments, and you can upgrade if you are feeling more flush than expected on the day. I’m hoping to have enough for some sparkly Gelleration nails to lift my mood as I type away in the final three weeks of the working year.

As all my presents are bought, I’m now going to avoid the crowded high street and enter a series of online competitions instead. Wish me luck!



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