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Review: Premier Inn breakfast

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day; but mornings are the moodiest time of the day for most. If you work across the country, like me, the day often starts in some grotty B&b with lukewarm yoghurts, burnt toast, weak tea and juice that tastes like it comes from the value section of the supermarket.

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But if you are working away for work, or on holiday with the family, you can breakfast like a king – as per the saying – if you book a Premier Inn.

By no means a budget brand, Premier Inn is nonetheless amazing value, with rooms from £35 easy to find if you book in advance. Breakfast is extra – from £6.99pp – but kids eat free. And the quality and brands to hand (more on that later) more than justify the cost.

My weekly shifts in London have led me to spend a lot of time in Reading – I can be at my desk in an hour but I don’t have the hustle, bustle and hassle of London life to sap my energy.

That means an early-ish start but I’ve skipped breakfasts before shifts and paid the price. Not just a hungry belly – mood swings, concentration issues and, at worst, even a panic attack (which can be caused by dehydration, as well as anxiety, unfortunately).

Premier Inn Reading Central boasts a relaxing breakfast/dining area with plenty of plugs and free WiFi – so if I am not on shift, merely up for meetings, I can check emails and rejig my schedule at leisure, rather than start the day on a crowded train.

Recommended: fresh mango, banana, pineapple and apple smoothie, unlimited!

Recommended: fresh mango, banana and orange smoothie, unlimited!

First impressions were excellent: it was 8am but pleasantly quiet – plenty of guests but spacious tables and attentive yet unobtrusive staff to answer any queries. I needed a hand with the coffee machine but that is only because it was a PROPER Costa coffee barista-style one. Bear in mind just two of these Americanos would have set me back almost a fiver in the big city.

Toilets and tables are sparkling clean and the hot buffet is topped up regularly.

There wasn’t the full selection on the hot counter when I first arrived but if I had gone for second helpings, I could have added delights such as bubble & squeak, Quorn sausages and more… You can have eggs fried, scrambled or poached to order. You can even ask for a fresh omelette!

I opted for a basic bacon, hash brown and mushrooms brekkie to leave room for fruit and yoghurt later. But my friend went for the works and was particularly impressed by the sausages. They are marked on the menu as ‘Premium British sausages’ and in his opinion, they were indeed.

The toast machine was a little slow so I’d recommend popping in your bread before choosing your other hot items but that’s a picky point. 

Bear in mind if you are a business guest, it is family friendly so occasionally noisy. Thankfully I was hangover free, so the little mites didn’t bother me at all.

Now the location of the hotel is excellent, right in Reading town centre and opposite the amazing Oracle shopping centre and Riverside restaurants. Unfortunately, your view from the restaurant is a flyover and dual carriageway – but this is not really a criticism as the fact that there was no traffic noise, that shows the hotel was designed sympathetic to its surroundings (and clientele).

As I watched a traffic jam edge along outside, I figured it was worth staying for another smoothie; maybe another muffin; the buffet is unlimited and I bet many self-employed types can spend a good couple of hours here easing into their day.

Now, back to the cost – £6.99 for continental, £8.99 for the works. We added up the (rough) cost of two Costa coffees, two Twinings teas, one Yeo Valley yoghurt, one fruit salad, one smoothie, one muffin (for the road), one orange juice and two full Englishes in the surrounding areas and the cheapest we could find was at least £16 per person. If you have kids, they eat free, so the value goes up and up.

I’ve been commuting from Bournemouth to London (and beyond) for work for more than five years now and I’m regretting every cheap SW1 B&b I’ve ever booked right now. I know there’s more to a hotel stay than just the breakfast – but, in terms of leaving a lasting impression and setting you up for a good day, I now appreciate how important it can be.


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