Perfect candles to welcome in summer

We all love a scented candle as part of our spring clean regime. Here are our recommendations for 2019.

The Evermore London Candle Collection includes:

Moon Candle

Smoke & Night Rose

Blooming under the light of the moon, nocturnal roses unfold at midnight. Notes of delicate rose petals and spicy hints of saffron hover over a rich smoky base of vetivert and cade.

Flore Candle

Mist & Lilac Blossom

A purple haze amid spring morning mist, floating florets stir at first light. A delicate union of lilac blossom and top notes of petitgrain over a curious base of clove and ylang ylang.

Light Candle

Sun & Wild Citrus

Pastel sunbeams suspended in the air, gently filter through fragrant citrus trees. Infused with bright citrus notes of bergamot, grapefruit and petitgrain over a beautiful base of rosewood.

Tides Candle

Sand & Fig Trees

Wondering lost along warm dusty paths, fragrant fig trees lead to black sandy beaches. A rich composition of wild fig and thyme, complimented with cedar for a woody depth.

Grove Candle

Earth & Ancient Pine

Resting in the shadows of ancient pine trees, damp from the first rainfall in autumn. Fresh notes of pine needle, eucalyptus and silver fir are warmed with a base note of earthy moss.

North Candle

Clouds & Sacred Oud

Burning bright across velvet black skies, lighting the way on a winter’s night. Top notes of black pepper and cinnamon married with a mysterious base of oud, maple and tobacco.

Fact file

Founded by Sarah Bell, a businesswoman with her head in the clouds but her feet firmly on the ground, the new collection of scents reflect the world we live in, with inspiration being taken from the night skies to alpine forests, open seas and blossoming meadows. The result is a wildly unique collection of six candles that is undeniably addictive, and sparks calm at the strike of a match. The fragrances are also void of toxins and phthalates, favouring premium scents and essential oils to produce an aroma that infuses the air for up to 60 hours.

Evermore London candles are priced at £48 (300g); buy online at




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