New express lunch at The Coconut Tree

Looking for a healthy restaurant to have lunch meetings in Bournemouth, Bristol or Cardiff? The Coconut has a new hot power-up anf

Coconut Power Up & Go’ menu is available from 12noon to 5pm and promises a midweek feast of three delicious, freshly cooked Sri Lankan dishes; diners will have a choice of 15 different options from The Coconut Tree’s abundant, street-food inspired menu.

  • Chickpeas: Stir-fried in coconut oil with onions, garlic, mustard seeds and crushed chilies.
  • Egg Hopper: A bowl-shaped coconut pancake served with traditional Sri Lankan sambals.
  • Chicken Curry on the Bone: A typical spicy Sri Lankan curry – and firm favourite with TCT friends and family.
  • Hot Battered Spicy Mushrooms: Polenta-battered spicy button mushrooms served with juicy caramelised onions.

Brand Manager Anna Garrod said: “At The Coconut Tree we know that life can get very hectic and sometimes it feels like there isn’t time to stop for a decent lunch. We developed our ‘Coconut Power Up & Go’ menu so that busy workers can still find the time to fuel up properly in the middle of a busy day end enjoy some of our island-inspired, vibrant Sri Lankan cuisine.”

To find out more and book a table at The Coconut Tree, visit:

Fact file

The Coconut Tree is more than just a bar and restaurant. They are a family. Take a handful of Sri Lankan boys enjoying London living, watch them open a Cheltenham restaurant, a second in Oxford, two in Bristol, one in Cardiff – and now Bournemouth!

They were born making food an occasion. It’s always big. There is a saying back in Sri Lanka: Lay an extra place at the table – always have room for an unexpected guest, so they hope that The Coconut Tree reflects this kind of warmth.

Why street food? Because this way everyone can try a few of their home cooked recipes at one time, small dishes and mains, mix and match. Everyone is welcome to the table.



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