Luxury Brands and Female Entrepreneurs: What Makes them Perfect for Each Other?

Female business leaders are slowly rising in number with successful names such as Ginni Rometty and Mary Teresa Barra leading the way. They are the perfect combination of strong leadership and impeccable dressing sense, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that the most successful female leaders in the world, also have a natural fondness for the most classy, luxury designer houses around.

Dressed to Impress

A clear connection between what you wear and how you are perceived has long been established in society. While meeting clients, partners, and employees, the attire matters more than most realize. How we dress ourselves during important meetings often goes a long way towards showing the other party how confident we are.

Only the Best

When someone enters a semi-casual corporate event, carrying a pink Mini Kan U Fendi bag to complement her silver knitted dress, she will draw attention to herself. It’s not only about how stylish the bag or the whole getup is, but also about making a strong statement regarding who you are and where you stand in society.

Social Intelligence

The very fact that you know how to impress with your impeccable dressing sense is a testament to your intelligence. It is a well-known fact that people who understand how to dress well for each specific event have a higher than average social intelligence. That is to say, they know what will impress and how to use that to their advantage, in accordance with the situation. For example, the black Mini Baguette Wallet Fendi bag, as seen on, is one of the most impressive designer bags for evening parties and corporate meetings alike, but it’s the dress you couple that bag with, which will differ according to the occasion, that’s equally important. SSENSE has a comprehensive collection of luxury, designer bags from all the top designer houses in the world, so do go through their collections across all sections, until you find exactly what you are looking for.

Ability to Break Norms and Stereotypes

At some point of time or the other, all successful female entrepreneurs have had to break a few stereotypes to get to the position where they are now. Sometimes their own dressing reflects that rebellious and out of the box thinking; something that helps them create their own, unique sense of fashion. In the world of the corporate elites, standing out makes a huge difference.

As you might have noticed already, most women who turned out to be successful leaders later on in their careers were already stylish dressers to begin with. Therefore, their excellent and luxurious dressing sense is not as much a result of their success, as it is the other way around. One may argue that hard work and actual leadership capabilities in a woman are far more important than her dressing sense, and they would be right. However, her excellent dressing sense is still an important part of what makes her a good leader.



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