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If, like me, you are only shopping once a week during lockdown, chances are you want to buy enough for at least a week for your household. This is where shops like Lidl, Aldi and Poundland have really come into their own, with everyday essentials at rock bottom prices. What’s more, Tesco now price matches Aldi – look out for the labels in store.

Poundland essentials are detailed below. It’s ideal for cleaning products are those who are on a strict budget – £10 equals 10 items, right?

Lidl’s bakery is a highlight of my day. The cheese topped roll is just 29p  and only needs little (Lidl?) butter for a filling breakfast or lunch. I also love their Nuturis Multivitamin Juices just £1.49 for six cartons. It’s longlife and, at just 25p per carton, saves a fortune if, like me, you rely on smoothies and vitamin tablets when your anxiety won’t let you eat.

Their fruit and vegetable offers change weekly but you can easily pick up enough for a week for £3 or less. Need some inspiration and got some time to kill? Check out their recipe section online. We can’t wait to try the 10-minute hassleback cherry tomatoes!

We’ve written extensively about Aldi’s Easter treats. The following articles shows you how to cook a feast for the family on Easter Sunday for less than £10. There is also a fab recipe for Vegan Hot Cross buns.

Here is your Easter Sunday menu:

MAIN: Super salmon, perfect for stregthening the immune system, with seasonal veg and hassleback potatoes

DESSERT: Oozy egg trifle or hot cross pudding buns

They also have a new super-cute Easter egg character, Sonny the Sloth!

At Tesco, stock up on Mini Babybels as they last at least a month and are ideal for a snack to to add to oatcakes or crakers.

Finally, head to Poundland for cleaning products and treats. Ditch the diet but stay healthy!

 We are all stockpiling toilet roll right now but I’ll be heading straight for the bleach and scourers tomorrow. Top tip: if, like me, you have a washing machine with a Quick Load setting (mine is 15 minutes) throw cloths, towels or tea towels in before use to make sure they are fresh, even after just one use.

Also at Poundland, there is a massive selection of chocolates to cheer you up. From vintage Black Magic and Turkish Delights, to selection boxes from 50p, cheer up the whole household for the cost of a few golden nuggets.

We’re after the Cadbury bars for 50p. It may not be Christmas but chocolate is chocolate! A festive bar of delicious tree shaped pieces of Cadbury milk and white chocolate. Ideal for sharing with friends and family. Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland Chocolate Bar, great treats for yourself or any chocolate fans.



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