Here’s our perfect picnic plan

We are all keen to get back to a normal-ish summer and that includes picnics in the park or on the beach. Just make sure you remove your rubbish!

Here are some buy it, bag it, tag it ideas from Aldi. You can get recyclable cutlery from Amazon or Tescos.

Start with Specially Selected Soft Set Scotch Eggs (2 pack, £1.99).  Made with outdoor bred British pork sausage meat filled with a whole soft set egg, the golden and crisp outer coating is achieved with a mix of seeds and breadcrumbs. Better yet, they’re over a third cheaper than Marks & Spencer’s Runny Scotch Eggs.

Aldi’s takeaway inspired Mini Chicken Fillets (170g, £1.69) are available in three tasty flavours.Choose from mild Lemon & Herb, or the Asian flavours of Katsu. If you prefer a touch of spice, there is also Sweet Chilli.

Putting a twist on the summertime staple, Aldi’s Flavoured Coleslaws (300g, 95p)  are available in two fresh and crunchy varieties: Cheese Coleslaw, a classic mix of cabbage, carrot and onion in rich mayonnaise with mature cheddar and extra mature cheddar cheese; and Rainbow Coleslaw, white and pink cabbage, carrots, red onions and butternut squash ribbons in a creamy mayonnaise.

Try out the British Chicken Slices (180g, £1.79) with three options to stuff in a sandwich, chop up for a salad, or snack straight out of the pack. Enjoy the tangy sensations of Sweet Chilli in a cooling salad, grab your favourite takeaway flavour with Curried Coconut & Lime chicken or if you’re feeling spicy, pick up on the Fajita flavour and pair with a Plain Tortilla Wrap (8 pack, 79p) for a refreshing lunch.

Accompany your summer dining with Aldi’s choice of pasta salads. The brand-new Specially Selected Orzo Pasta Salad (210g, £1.39) is an infusion of turmeric, chargrilled red pepper, red onion and spinach, topped with marinated slow roasted tomato in a vinaigrette dressing. Or try the Specially Selected Spinach & Pine Nut Pasta Salad (215g, £1.39) made with fusilli pasta with basil paste, regato cheese, spinach, Pecorino cheese and pine nuts in a vinaigrette.

Give grains a go at Aldi with a range of superfood Specially Selected Salads (215g, £1.39) – available in three flavour-packed varieties. The Tabbouleh salad, filled with bulgar wheat, refreshing tomato and cucumber, is infused in a vinaigrette dressing. The Super Grains salad is a mixed bean medley of pearl barley, corn, quinoa and green peppers with a smoky tomato sauce, or pick up the refreshing Super Greens salad, packed with pearl barley, couscous, courgette, edamame beans, green peppers and spinach, and dressed with a vibrant pea and mint crush.

Dip into summer with the Specially Selected Summer Dips (200g, 85p) – a sumptuous, saucy side worthy of any al-fresco feast. Available in three irresistible flavours: opt for tangy Nacho Cheese – the perfect dip for crunchy tortilla chips,  or go garlicky with the Garlic Aioli . Enjoy a taste of Turkey with Aldi’s Taramaslata and enjoy with a mezze of oily olives, antipasti and pitta.

To get more mezze for your money, Aldi has two trios of treats on offer. Say o-live you to a favourite treat with The Deli Olive Selection (200g, £1.99). Try out a compilation of zesty lemon olives, chilli and garlic marinated olives and pimento-stuffed olives and gouda, serving up a trio of marinated olives to graze across. The Deli Antipasti Selection (170g, £1.99) is filled with marinated herb de provence olives, balsamic semi-dried cherry tomatoes and marinated paprika and parsley, diced cheddar.





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