Dorset property information from Home.co.uk

Please follow the links below for the latest data provided by Home.co.uk on the property housing market in Dorset. The data in these pages may provide some context for your article.

Dorset Local Property Information Main Menu http://www.home.co.uk/guides/local_info.htm?county=dorset
Current House Prices in Dorset http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices.htm?county=dorset
Property Asking Price Report for Dorset – December 2017 to December 2018 http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices_report.htm?county=dorset&lastyear=1
House Prices Report for Dorset – January 1995 to September 2018 http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_report.htm?county=dorset&all=1
Property Asking Price Report for Dorset – September 2006 to December 2018 http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices_report.htm?county=dorset&startmonth=09&startyear=2006&endmonth=12&endyear=2018
Property Asking Price Report for Dorset – December 2013 to December 2018 http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices_report.htm?county=dorset&startmonth=12&startyear=2013&endmonth=12&endyear=2018
Time to Sell Analysis for Dorset http://www.home.co.uk/selling/time_to_sell/?county=dorset
Time On Market Report for Dorset – December 2017 to December 2018 http://www.home.co.uk/guides/time_on_market_report.htm?county=dorset&lastyear=1
Dorset Market Rent Summary http://www.home.co.uk/for_rent/current_rents?county=dorset



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