Do you have a happy street name?

We all want to be joyus right now but did you know your road name can not only make you happier – it could make you richer? Bankrate.com/uk has found that houses on a ‘happy’ street can increase your home’s value by an astonishing average of £24,830.86.

When house hunting, most of us don’t pay much attention to the road name; in fact, 62% of Brits state that they aren’t concerned with the street name of their next potential home.But Bankrate has discovered that this seemingly small feature can have a significant effect on the value of your house! Please see the full blog post here: https://www.bankrate.com/uk/mortgages/happy-streets/

– Having a happy street name increases your home’s value by £24,830.86 on average in the UK

– Hope is the most popular positive road name, featuring in in 216 street names across the UK. This is followed by Summer (127), Sunny (126) and Love (123)

– Overall, there are more happy street names in the North West than any other region in the UK

– Chipper is the most valuable street name – adding over £56,000 to your home on average

Florence Codjoe, personal finance expert at Bankrate, has provided some comments on the reason as to why this may be the case, and how you can change your street name:

“Largely due to the widespread disruption caused by COVID-19, the property market is in a turbulent state. Despite uncertainty, there is positive news – those living on a street with a happy name have something to smile about in these tough times.

“After analysing the findings, Bankrate researched government guidelines and can provide tips on how residents can change their street name, potentially adding thousands to their home’s value!”



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