Vegan Oggs for a picnic (or beach weather)

A new range of vegan cupcakes are ideal for a family sized tasty treat for summer out and about. OGGS cakes are entirely egg and dairy-free, vegan-friendly treats that are made using OGGS® new Aquafaba, (a liquid egg alternative made from chickpea water).

OGGS® Marvellous Mini Cupcakes are available in Sainsbury’s and come in picnic proof packaging, which not only is designed to keep each cake looking its best, but it is sustainably sourced with 100% recycled plastic which is fully recyclable and completely biodegradable.

OGGS® Marvellous Mini Cupcakes are nine tasty, colourful, low calorie cakes that everyone can enjoy. If you fancy a light bite-sized treat, then these marvellous mini cupcakes are the perfect snack whatever your age and suitable for almost all dietary requirements.

No part of any animal is used in the creation of the OGGS® range and each cake is made with the future of the planet, animals and people in mind. The packaging itself is sustainably sourced with 100% recycled plastic which is fully recyclable, and even if it ends up in landfill is completely biodegradable. Cakes, without any compromise.

Available in Sainsbury’s priced at £4.25 for a 9 pack. Also available from the TheVeganKind.




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