More Tesco stores stock ZINDA wraps

Looking to liven up your lunchbreak? How about something ethical,healthy and delicious?

ZINDA has quickly established itself as an innovator in the ready-to-go category, with the award-winning AirWraps®, the UK’s only palm oil free wrap. Now 60 more Tesco shops stock the delicious

“All wheat and wholewheat flour tortillas have palm oil because it’s like butter and helps in hydrogenation & oxidative stability of the tortilla, which leads to a long shelf life when combined with preservatives,” a company spokeman said. “The industry wants this & we cater to our customers who want 3-6 months of product life for their manufacturing”. “In fact, with one machine, we can produce 40,000 tortillas in an hour.”

The following are available as part of the Tesco lunchtime meal deal:

▪ Classic Chicken Caesar AirWrap®

Tender chicken tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing with black olives, Parmesan flakes, bell peppers, lemon zest and crisp spinach.

▪ Mediterranean Feta Cheese AirWrap®

Greek Feta cheese tossed with bell peppers, olives, onions, apricots, zest of lemon & mint and crisp spinach.

▪ Moroccan Chicken AirWrap®

Classic aromatic Tagine sauce with warming spices of nutmeg & cinnamon and crisp spinach.

Fact file

▪ Anishya moved to the UK from India in 2007 but longed for the fresh, wholesome meals of her native India. She decided to create a business to disrupt the ready-to-go category, and so Zinda Foods was born.

▪ Airwrap® – nutritional comparison – The Airwraps are made with wheat flour fortified with iron, folic acid & VitB12 compared to commercially sold tortilla. It is the only wrap base in the UK to have no palm oil, no preservatives, no trans fat, butter or lard.

▪ Zinda’s AirWrap® was recognized and awarded a Sammie for Most Innovative Sandwich Product by the British Sandwich Association in 2017, described by the judging panel as a “game changer” and “good alternative to the tortilla.



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