More BBQ ideas for Father’s Day

“Time was when a handful of limp veggie sausages would tide over the odd vegetarian barbecue guest” says field fare MD, Karen Deans. “Not any more. 12 million Brits* are predicted to be meat-free by the end of this year, growing a consumer base that can no longer be ignored, nor fobbed off. Because, if anything, the plant-based consumer is all the more diet-aware and thus demanding of strong foodie credentials. Our response has been to seek out innovative, flavoursome products that are far from ‘substitutions”, but are packed with spice combinations, flavours, textures, international influences and quality, satisfying ingredients. The current shortlisting of our Spicy Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burger for a 2020 Veggie Award suggests that we’re on the right lines”

* Source: Finder, 27 April 2020 :



With National BBQ Week (May 25 – 31) as the annual reminder, it’s time to stock up for summer, with field fare’s premium, vegetarian Lentil & Vegetable Burgers and vegan Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burgers. The ultimate eco-over-achievers, both are sold individually for precise volumes – reducing food waste – and packaging free, to be simply scooped into field fare’s degradable bags, or, where offered by retailers, into the customer’s own reusable container.

Lentil & Vegetable Burgers … low in fat and 40% packed with protein-rich lentils, plus carrots and onion, these gluten-free, vegetarian burgers are seasoned to perfection, with a fulsome spice combination that includes cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper, coriander and black pepper. Delicious and nutritious, whether slammed in a bun or served with salad.

Serves 1: sold loose, individually | Weight: 100g each | Whls: 60p each | RRP: 99p each

Cooking guide: Cook from frozen, brushed with oil on each side, on a baking tray placed on a barbecue OR shallow fry in preheated oil over a medium heat for 5 mins each side OR deep fry in preheated oil at 180˚C for 4 minutes. Leave to stand for 1 minute before eating.

Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burger … currently shortlisted for a Veggie Award 2020, with winners selected by a celebrity judging panel and announced in July. Perfect for the barbecue season, but equally delicious sliced in wraps, this firm, flavoursome burger is both vegan and gluten free. Crammed with Superfoods, it is made with quinoa, beetroot and edamame beans, a punchy combination of spices and a warming hint of chilli, topped with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds.

Serves 1: sold loose, individually | Weight: 88g each | Whls: 70p each | RRP: £1.10 each

Cooking guide: Brush both side with oil, cook from frozen on a baking tray placed on a barbecue OR in a preheated oven 200˚C / 400°F / Gas mark 6 for 20 minutes, turning halfway through OR deep fry in preheated oil at 180˚C for 7-8 minutes.



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