Marvellous mushrooms! Stay healthy

I have always loved mushrooms. In an omelette, over chicken breast, in a bacon sandwich. Add a pinch of oregano and you are good to go.

With the UK in lockdown, staying healthy has become imperative, and one way to get essential vitamins whilst remaining indoors is by eating five a day. Knowing what is in season and choosing locally sourced produce also means shoppers can be sure to pack in the most nutrients, as those which have travelled fewer miles will be fresher and of higher quality.

However, research by The Mushroom Bureau, a partnership between local farmers, sellers and growers, has revealed that many Brits are unaware of just how far their food travels, with three quarters of the nation admitting they never check where their food comes from.

In response, The Mushroom Bureau has released the Seasonal Vegetable League Table, which illustrates that understanding seasonality, and how far food travels can make eating freshly grown, locally sourced vegetables achievable.

A spokesperson from the Mushroom Bureau commented: “Understanding seasonal eating can help when buying the freshest, most nutritious vegetables, a little closer to home. The Seasonal Vegetable League Table brings to life just where our vegetables come from, when out of season and helps people support local farmers who produce high quality veg right on your doorstep.  Swap your Sunday morning smashed avocado for some delicious mushrooms and not only support local businesses but play a part in reducing your carbon footprint by choosing lower food mile options.”

The Seasonal Vegetable Table has been created to help educate consumers on when the nation’s favourite vegetables are in season as well as the impact shopping closer to home has on our carbon footprint, as well as supporting local suppliers along the way. The Table is available to download at




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