Low calorie cans for perfect picnics

A vegan spritz now available by the can is ideal for portable picnics or days on the beach. Vin Crowd is perfect for those looking for that sweet spot between a glass of wine and a heavier gin and tonic. What’s more, it’s easy to carry, drink and throw away like the responsible drinkers we all are.

The three can range contains; a crisp strawberry and raspberry based pink spritz, a zesty peaches and pears white spritz and a fruity botanical spritz made from raspberries, juniper and gin.

All three spritz are vegan, are available in a 250ml can, and are the perfect go-to for picnics or hazy summer evenings in the garden.

The drinks are best served chilled, with fruit over ice, but can be enjoyed straight from the can.

Vin Crowd is currently stocked in selected Co-op, Costcutter and Nisa stores and is also available on, RRP £2.25. It is are currently on offer in Co-op £2 for four cans.

  • Pink Spritz (5% ABV, 91kcal, VEGAN, 250ml can) RRP: £2.25
  • White Spritz (5% ABV, 94kcal, VEGAN, 250ml can) RRP £2.25
  • Botanical Spritz (5.5% ABV, 139kcal, VEGAN, 250ml can) RRP £2.25



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