Is this the UK’s most luxurious vegan burger?

Caviar, truffles, mac n cheese – not things you would usually associate with a vegan burger! But the experts at Miami Burger have created ‘The Mayfair’ to give vegans the chance to enjoy such foods guilt-free, with caviar made from black kelp seaweed and black truffle-infused oil.

Miami Burger’s Food Development Chef, Tom Halford, who designed The Mayfair, said: “This burger is ideal for those who enjoy something unique, yet still want to stay healthy. We cater to a discerning clientele in the first place: vegans. And among this group, there are many who still want to enjoy fine food, yet who find it hard to find what they’re looking for.

“Our recent launch in Shoreditch means that city workers now have easy access to our burgers. And we’re sure the limited edition of The Mayfair will be a hit, as it’s not only luxurious, but also healthy.  

“Caviar and mac cheeze shouldn’t go together on paper, but we were all surprised at how great the saltiness blended with the mild plant-based cheeze.  With recent NHS figures predicting that obesity will double in the next two decades, we’re keen to help the country quit its junk food habit. We can do this by offering alternative options to gourmet food – both vegans and non-vegans can opt for The Mayfair to maintain their healthy lifestyles.”

The burger’s raw patty alone contains just 0.6 grams of fat (that’s before you grill it) so it’s a great option for all in the summer months. What’s more, the range goes on sale in store and online this month at Morrisons for your at-home burger nights or beach BBQs.



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