Edible art for kids

  1. Edible Art
If you’re struggling to get your kids to eat their five-a-day, you can take a leaf out of Stacey Solomon’s book.  in a clever hack shared to her Instagram page, mum of 3 Stacey revealed the creative way she gets her sons to eat fruit – instead of cutting into regular cubes or slices, she transforms plates of fruit into animal-themed fruit snacks, including everything from avocado peacocks and pineapple parrots to watermelon pigs and banana dolphins.
Edible art is a great way to get fussy eaters eating more healthily, while making mealtimes and snacks all the more fun. So, get creative with your fruit and veg and transform the little ones’ plates into something more appealing! Why not create a peacock out of cut up mango, kiwi, and blueberries, or, make koalas with sliced up watermelon? Invest in a set of animal shaped cookie cutters and use to cut up toast, fruit, veg, or whatever foods you fancy, and you’re good to go!
One Aldi shopper that’s been inspiring her little one, and hundreds of fellow parents to create a healthier plate with a bit of creative artwork is Kerrie Duffy from Fareham. Kerrie says, “My three-year-old, Zara, loves it when I use fruit and veg to recreate some of her favourite characters and scenes on her plate; oranges are now mini basketballs and grapes have become little gems in our household! She gets so excited about these mealtimes that I now find her asking for veggies!”
  1. Hidden Veggies
A wonderful way to get your kids to eat more vegetables without even realising is with hidden veg sauces.  You can pack a whole host of nutritious veggies into these versatile sauces; Aldi recommends a hidden veggie tomato sauce, which is perfect for pastas, and pizzas, and can be frozen too!
Begin by frying onion in a pan, before adding garlic and an array of chopped vegetables –carrots, celery, leeks, courgette and peppers. Simmer until soft before adding tinned chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, and dried herbs. Simmer for another 20 minutes then blitz with a hand blender until smooth. This sauce is free from added sugar and works well with pasta dishes. You can get creative in the kitchen and experiment with other blended veg sauces too, these are a great addition to family meals, and the kids will never know!
  1. Super Smoothies
Make breakfast times sing by whizzing up a smoothie with your kids – they love making them and drinking them. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – using milk or yogurt as a base, simply throw in a bunch of fruits and veg – blueberries, bananas, spinach and strawberries work well – and blend until smooth. There are a whole host of toddler and kid friendly recipes, and Aldi recommends getting creative with ‘apple pie’ smoothies and tropical green smoothies – you can pack in vegetables like spinach or celery that your kids wouldn’t usually eat. In the touch of a blender, you’ve got yourself a fun-tastic ‘milkshake’ filled with goodness.
  1. Eat the Rainbow
Colourful plates are an easy way to get your kids to eat more nutrients. For a bright idea, Aldi suggests encouraging your kids to eat the rainbow, challenging them to include one vegetable for each colour of the rainbow on their plate – roasted vegetables and stir-frys are a great place to start.  Encouraging your kids to pick out a variety of colourful foods shows them that vegetables aren’t just ‘green stuff’ – they can be delicious and fun!
Create your edible rainbows with Aldi’s irresistible range of fresh fruits and veggies and Super 6 deals; see in store for this week’s amazing prices.
  1. Five-a-day Fun
Wave goodbye to boring veg and make five-a-day more exciting by comparing fruits to your kids’ favourite objects. Instead of an orange, it’s an Olympic gold medal, and instead of an apple, it’s a tennis ball! This keeps kids excited and more willing to try new fruits. Take a look at Aldi’s full list of Olympic five-a-day comparisons, which will have them reaching for the fruit bowl in no time:
  • Orange – Olympic Gold Medal
  • Green Apple – Tennis Ball
  • Banana – Yellow Taekwondo Belt
  • Pineapple Rings – Bike Wheels
  • Pear – Badminton Shuttlecock
  1. Dip it
It can be challenging to get kids to try new foods and vegetables, but one of the easiest ways to encourage them is with their favourite condiments and dips. Try out carrot slices with hummus or salsa, or apple slices and banana chunks with peanut butter – let them pick their favourite crunchy combinations and they’ll be loving these healthy snacks in no time.
So, there you have it, Aldi’s top tips and tricks to get your kids eating healthy during lockdown.



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