Allergy free snack bars from MadeGood

Packed lunches are stressful enough – and if your child has allergies, you have to be extra careful. So use the Easter Holidays to stock up on a new range of healthy organic vegan granola bars available in chocolate chip, chocolate and banana and mixed berry flavours.

MadeGood bars are available at Asda and claim to be the first totally allergen free granola snack bar on sale in the UK. What’s more, they are currently available on Asda Groceries online for just £1! (Price correct as of March 9 2020)

The flavours will appeal to sweet teeth but they are also full of vitamins, dried fruit and wholegrains. Ideal for the lunchbox and pop a few in your handbag for your daily commute. They are  free from most common allergens including gluten, nuts, peanuts, egg, dairy and soy and boast a good source of vitamins from six different vegetables.

Launching with three flavours, the range will include:

  • MadeGood® Mixed Berry Granola Bars
  • MadeGood® Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
  • MadeGood® Chocolate & Banana Granola Bars

Pure sunflower oil is used so that the bars are low in saturated fat and have no trans-fat. The organic, vegan granola bars are a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, which can help contribute to a healthy digestive and immune system.

Fact file

Since many children have food allergies and sensitivities, schools are restricting foods brought into the classroom. MadeGood snacks are free from common allergens so children can enjoy them at school or at home. Here is the link to MadeGood on Asda online:



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