Cheap car insurance after a ban

A conviction for dangerous driving, persistent speeding or drink-driving can result in a motoring ban lasting months or even years. Once that is lifted, how will your car insurance be affected?

Some car insurance providers will not offer quotes for drivers who have been banned or will only offer sky-high premiums.

But it isn’t all bad news because if you find yourself in this situation, there is a lot you can do to keep your motor insurance quote to a minimum.

Crack the code

Some car insurance companies cover drivers who have been banned for certain convictions over others, so make sure you have the precise conviction code to hand. This should be on your court documentation and your new driving licence. Check with the DVLA if you’re not sure. “Insurance brokers can cover all motoring convictions although some particular insurers will only want to cover minor convictions,” says Graeme Trudgill, Technical and Corporate Affairs Executive at the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA). “Some common convictions seen as ‘minor include SP30 (speeding), TS20 (traffic signals) and CU20 (driving without reasonable consideration for other road users).”

Dig out your no-claims bonus

Don’t forget your no-claims bonus (NCB). Some providers will take into account a NCB built up pre-ban. This may well be transferrable from one company to another.

Buy a cheaper car

BIBA recommends that swapping a gas guzzler for a car with a lower ABI grade runabout to significantly reduce your car insurance quote, no matter what your driving history is. Check out our list of cheap cars to insure.

Up the voluntary excess

Voluntary excess is what you agree to pay in the event of a car insurance claim, on top of the compulsory excess. Raising the excess will reduce your premiums, but it does mean you will have to pay more of the costs if you have to make a claim.

Consider taking public transport to wor

If you are in employment, and use your car to commute to work, it will push up the premium. Use the car for just ‘social and domestic’ reasons and you’ll get a better deal, plus a lower annual mileage will also bring down the premium. So ditch the wheels and take the bus.

Pay for car cover in one go

Paying for car insurance  in monthly installments may feel easier on your bank balance but you’ll likely pay more over the course of a year. This is because many insurance providers will give you a discount if you can stump up the entire year’s premium in one advanced payment. Consider paying on a 0 per cent interest credit card to lessen the blow.

Consider a lower level of car insurance

In the UK, the only compulsory car insurance is third party only (TPO). As such, you are not obliged to opt for more expensive levels of cover such as third party, fire and theft (TPF&T) and comprehensive. However, it’s vital that you understand the difference between the three levels of cover before choosing, as TPO could leave you with a large bill to pay if your car is written off, even if it’s not your fault.

Add an experienced driver

While additional drivers will generally drive up the cost of your car insurance, in some cases adding a more experienced driver with a healthy NCB and clean licence can actually reduce the price of your premium.



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