Beat your demons; battle your inner critic

By Georgia Foster
Hypnotherapist and addictions expert

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When I studied Voice Dialogue (Psychology of Selves) 22 years ago, one of the techniques used was to isolate the different areas of thinking. An example of this would be move to another space in the room and connect to that personality within. I do this hypnotically with my one to one clients and it works brilliantly well.


Because becoming aware of the Inner Critic as being a separate part of you, not all of you, means you can learn to observe its unhelpful energy and keep your distance from it. Observational thinking is a brilliant tool to keep you safe while the Inner Critic chatters away as much as it wants.

Remember the Inner Critic doesn’t like change and it never will. This is because it can’t see into your future. It interprets this problem by planning the worst case scenarios to prepare you because it is truly worried you won’t succeed or the situation won’t be turn out to be positive.

There are key messages in there about the Inner Critic and drinking alcohol. We all know how it ‘loves’ to criticise you about certain drinking moments and the good news is this recording is training your brain how to experience this technique hypnotically, so all you need to do is lie or sit back and enjoy.

Imagine every time you hear the Inner Critic that you mind that you can keep your distance from it – to keep it separate to you, so you can get on and enjoy life and not worry about change but welcome it.

It also means your Inner Critic cannot hinder your hopes and dreams so much because you are learning to manage it in the background rather than being in your face so much!

You can buy this recording and keep it close to you in times of change, creative moments and generally when you are feeling a bit ruffled by the Inner Critic or ruffled by life!



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