Anti-allergy bedding delivered to your door

I’ve been on a cleaning binge this week and, to be honest, I’ve really enjoyed it. The bedroom is my last project as only I use it so there is no risk of further infection. However, I’m considering throwing out bedding, getting a mattress cover, anything to combat the insomnia that comes with anxiety that comes with the Coronavirus crisis and my general mental health issues.

However, money is tight as it is for everyone and I’m on a strict budget, only shopping once a week, no takeaways, no taxis, limited treats. So bedding is quite far down the list.

So I was happy to hear today that bed specialists, Silentnight have an anti-allergy range from just £12.

Sleep is a key function in keeping our immunte system healthy and operating well. And to sleep well, we need a hygienic, clean and comfortable sleep environent – enter the Silentnight sleep experts!

The Anti-Allergy range, by Silentnight’s expert sleep specialists, includes duvets and mattress toppers. I can’t afford a new mattress but a good scrub with upholstery cleaner plus a topper plus clean sheets should help me get more than the three-four hours a night I’m managing currently.

The mattress topper is currently on sale at Argos for just £12, who still deliver in selected areas. Providing ultimate protection, the mattress protectors are created with anti-bacterial, anti-allergy properties that actively guard against bacteria and dust-mites, keeping your mattress feeling fresh and clean. The anti-allergy fibres are approved by the British Allergy Foundation, this makes it a perfect choice for allergy and asthma sufferers. They come complete with a two-year Silentnight guarantee.



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