08 May 2019

On World No Tobacco Day, Time to Stub Out for Good

It’s World No Tobacco Day later this month, on the last day of May, and people in Bournemouth and, indeed, right around the UK who smoke cigarettes are being urged

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01 May 2019

Chocolate and oranges

Could chocolate and oranges help protect muscle mass in old age? A study looking into the health benefits from cocoa and vitamin C is looking for volunteers. A team at

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31 Mar 2019

Coping with grief on Mother’s Day

By Laura Little from the wellbeing charity, CABA Don’t bottle your emotions One of the most helpful things to do following a bereavement is to talk about what you’re going through. Mother’s Day

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26 Mar 2019

Sign up now for charity cycle event

A brave bereaved father is organising a charity cycle course to raise money for Sands. Sands is a charity that supports the families of stillborn babies; with cycling being so

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18 Mar 2019

Video: Nutrition myths debunked with Rhiannon Lambert

The poll of more than 2,000 adults, commissioned by healthy bread brand Burgen, is aiming to help tackle the confusion by busting today’s most popular health myths and inspiring healthy

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16 Mar 2019

One in four ‘suffer from eczema, dermatitis’

I’ve only recently started suffering from dermatitis. A combination of stress and a poor diet made my hands, elbows and knees flare up in the cold. At one time, it

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13 Mar 2019

Berry nice! Make your own anti-ageing face mask

Vitamin C is your secret weapon when it comes to health AND beauty. It’s an essential element in any detox, to help the body and skin fight free radicals and

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12 Mar 2019

How Men Can Age Gracefully

It’s a sad fact of life, but age affects everyone. Aging gracefully was traditionally something women would be more worried about; however, an increasing number of men want to do

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11 Mar 2019

Recipe: Sweet potato pie with Parma Ham and Robiola cheese

Sweet potato pie with Parma Ham and Robiola cheese is comfort food at it’s best. What’s more the below recipe serves eight easily. Save for lunch the next day; or

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09 Mar 2019

Strawberry season comes early to Waitrose

If the winter weather is getting you down, get a taste of summer at Waitrose. The supermarket giant is stocking strawberries already. Traditionally, the Wimbledon favourite reaches peak condition in

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