01 Jan 2019

New Year essentials: part 1 – silk bedding

The turkey’s long gone, the Champagne bottles are in the recycling,  the guests (God bless them) are battling traffic to get home. So take a deep breath – and relax.

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31 Dec 2018

New Year’s Eve canapes by Tesco

10 amazing canapé cheats For some of us, the idea of providing a platter of canapés is a daunting prospect, but they don’t have to be fiddly or complicated. Our

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19 Dec 2018

More Christmas leftover ideas

In a bid to make Christmas as stress-free as possible, we have some more ideas for Christmas leftovers. Recipe courtesy of  www.rossandrossfood.co.uk. WARM RICE, ROASTED SPROUT, PECAN & POMEGRANATE SALAD

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18 Dec 2018

Top five ways to make Christmas leftovers last

‘Tis the most expensive time of the year – so utilising Christmas leftovers and excess fruit and veg this time of year is essential. Luckily, Blinds Hut has been gathering

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15 Oct 2018

Pedal power restores freedom and mobility for people with hip arthritis

A study run in conjunction with a number of Bournemouth and Dorset health bodies says arthritis shouldn’t put people off cycling. On the contrary – get on your bike! The

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08 Oct 2018

Recipe: NERGI salad

Nergi Berries – the Vitamin C-packed Super Fruit https://t.co/pUaGe9ka3f pic.twitter.com/jHosdKJczY — Healthy Living LDN (@HelloFittyLDN) October 8, 2017 There is a new superfood on the block! NERGI mini kiwi berries are

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01 Oct 2018

The Heart Of The Matter: Clinical Physiology Jobs In The UK

It is certainly no secret that the hustle-and-bustle of the modern world can lead to unhealthy habits in our day-to-day lives. Many people struggle to merely maintain a healthy sleeping

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03 Sep 2018

Recipe: Watermelon and Feta Salad

It looks like we are in for another sunny September, so the focus on light and refreshing dishes has never been so prominent. Those seeking a taste of the Mediterranean

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03 Sep 2018

Beauty review: Are bees better than Botox?

I may be only 39 but I, like Dannii Minogue and Amanda Holden, I’m looking for an alternative to Botox that will keep those pesky lines at bay without freezing

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08 Aug 2018

Deal of the day: how to drink less in seven days hypnotherapy course just £5

Georgia is a world-leading therapist, specializing in over drinking behavior (as well as anxiety and self-esteem and other issues). Her drink less courses have a high success rate (95% of

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