04 Oct 2012

More jobs up for grabs at Health On-Line

An open evening is taking place later this month to encourage people to consider a career change to private medical insurance sales. Health On-Line, based on Holdenhurst Road, have successful

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Flowers at 166, based in Charminster
03 Oct 2012

BOOBS! Now that I have your attention, please read on for a serious message…

There’s nothing like a giant pair of flower-filled boobs in a shop window to get your attention… this floral beauty has a serious message, however, as its being displayed at

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Bournemouth beach
28 Sep 2012

Bournemouth tourism awards – roll up for the circus!

This year’s tourism awards have a circus theme, as we celebrate the best in Bournemouth with some fantastic fire eaters and jugglers at the O2 Academy. The Bournemouth Tourism Awards

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28 Sep 2012

More roadworks for Bournemouth

As if driving in the pouring rain and cold of winter isn’t depressing enough… now we’ve got to face traffic jams, too, with news that the council has ordered ‘major

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26 Sep 2012

Who wants to watch Bournemouth’s IMAX building be destroyed? (raises hand)

The dramatic demolition of the IMAX building will be taking place on Saturday in Bournemouth – virtually, at least. A video simulation will be projected onto the side of the

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22 Sep 2012

Boscombe Community Fair: what really happened

It’s such a shame that the local newspapers had to focus on something negative in their reports about the Boscombe Community Fair. Anyone who lives locally knows that the area

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Graveyard Geese 1
19 Sep 2012

Festival of death, anyone?

More than 150 people from inside the funeral industry gathered in Bournemouth for the bizarrely named “Joy of Death Festival”. The Lower Gardens in Bournemouth provided the setting for the

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19 Sep 2012

A new dawn for Boscombe?

As part of the ongoing regeneration of Boscombe, the council has teamed up with other organizations to form the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership. The partnership is made up of the council’s

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PICTURE: Kelvin @ 2DFaced Photography
13 Sep 2012

Bournemouth’s Best Bar None Awards Night 2012

The Best Bar None Awards results are out, showcasing the best of Bournemouth in terms of nightlife management. The yearly awards, part of the national accreditation scheme for licensed premises, benchmark

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11 Sep 2012

Preview: Student Arrivals at Lava & Ignite, Bournemouth

This year’s Bournemouth University freshers are a lucky bunch. They’ve got one hell of a welcome to look forward to, with a massive Student Arrivals party at Lava & Ignite

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