09 Sep 2019

The UK’s top road trips

The AA says road trips are growing in popularity, as Brits opt for a staycation over expensive foreign flights. Their research found  45% of the drivers they surveyed said that they

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31 Aug 2019

The making of Pelagonia Aivar

‘The making of Pelagonia Aivar‘ is a two-minute film shot during the harvest season this year details the relationship between Pelagonia and their pepper farmers located in the Pelagonia valley,

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30 Aug 2019

Photos: New menu at Bustronome London

Photos: Bustronome London Forman’s, as seen on BBC Celebrity Masterchef, is the oldest London cure restaurant in the UK. So we are super excited to reveal their autumn menu for

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29 Aug 2019

Bournemouth Air Festival: here we go!

Regarded as the UK’s most successful civilian air show with brilliant day and night time entertainment in the skies, on land and in the evening, the 12th Air Festival opens

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28 Aug 2019

Haskins provides 600 reusable water bottles to staff

Lisa Looker, brand director at Haskins Garden Centre, said: “By issuing all team members with a reusable water bottle, we hope to raise awareness of our own habits and bring

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24 Aug 2019

How to spot a rat problem

While many people choose to keep domesticated rats as pets there are very few who would welcome uninvited guests of the wild variety in our home. Rats find their way

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23 Aug 2019

The benefits of wooden garages

The summer will soon be drawing to a close, and very soon it will be time to think about how you will protect your possessions from the winter weather. If

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22 Aug 2019

UPVC Windows

The windows of your home are as important as any interior design trend you might be trying to move with as you decorate your home. The most basic homely features,

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22 Aug 2019

Things to consider when building a new office

It doesn’t matter what size of business you own, a company’s office is the hub and heart of all business activity. While it’s essential that the design supports efficiency, motivation,

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21 Aug 2019

Sandbanks ferry ‘under repair’

As the summer season winds down, essential maintenance is being carried out on the Sandbanks chain ferry. Richard Drax, Member of Parliament for South Dorset, and Robert Syms, Member of

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