05 Sep 2019

A Helping Hand For Entrepreneurs In Bournemouth And Beyond

There are few better places to launch a business in England than Bournemouth, thanks to its transport links to the capital and its skilled and educated workforce; and who could

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28 Aug 2019

Haskins provides 600 reusable water bottles to staff

Lisa Looker, brand director at Haskins Garden Centre, said: “By issuing all team members with a reusable water bottle, we hope to raise awareness of our own habits and bring

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22 Aug 2019

Things to consider when building a new office

It doesn’t matter what size of business you own, a company’s office is the hub and heart of all business activity. While it’s essential that the design supports efficiency, motivation,

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14 Aug 2019

College digital marketing course receives commendation

Bournemouth & Poole College digital marketing course has received an important industry commendation. Becky Burgess, Apprenticeship Assessor, Phil Hutchinson, Apprenticeship Assessor, Antony Carr, Director of Apprenticeships, Danielle Dwyer, former Digital

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17 Jul 2019

A Guide to Affording a Motorhome

Many people are interested in buying their own motorhome and are keen to invest in future enjoyment and holidays that a motorhome can provide them with. However, a motorhome is

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02 Jul 2019

Essentials for Making Home Improvements

One of the most exciting things about owning your own home is the freedom that you have. You can choose to renovate and redesign it any time you want. Although

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02 Jul 2019

Why adding a lift can boost your home’s value

If you struggle with mobility issues each day, a home lift could transform your quality of life. Rather than cautiously tackling the stairs multiple times per day – or avoiding

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01 Jul 2019

Bournemouth hidden gems: much more than you’d think

Whether you are a local or tourist, Bournemouth is a must-visit. With temperatures hitting 29 degrees this weekend, the summer season is well underway. Not a resident? There are loads

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20 Jun 2019

Melon mania! Best-selling varieties at Tesco

Melons have replaced pineapples as Tesco’s best-selling fruit, as we enter the height of summer. The supermarket says that, with melons costing between £1.50-£3.50, their price per kilo makes them

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18 Jun 2019

Planning for Retirement as an Entrepreneur

Retirement isn’t something your average person is likely to think about every day, especially if it’s not happening any time soon. However, it’s a long-term eventuality that everyone should be

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