11 Dec 2019

Bournemouth ‘best place for creative jobs, freelancers’

Poll by www.pooky.com/best-city-to-be-a-creative Not a Bournemouth resident? Make it your New Year’s Resolution to move to our sunny seaside town! A new survey has crowned Bournemouth ‘the best place for workers’,

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10 Dec 2019

Think before you thank? New advice to not send emails seems ungratious

A poll to solve the climate crisis has concluded that more than 64million emails sent every day are ‘unnecessary’ as they contain one or two words – even if those

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09 Dec 2019

How to boost office productivity in 2020

How To Boost Office Productivity In 2020 Office productivity is very important because if your team is not working to their best ability then you could be losing money rather

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05 Dec 2019

Five Key Pieces of Software for Businesses

In recent years, technology has become integral to the ordinary running of a business, with many companies being reliant on software applications to boost their business operations. Technology can be

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22 Nov 2019

An underground pillow fight club? Count me in.

An underground pillow fight club opened its doors to the public this week. Imitating the iconic Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, more than 100 people joined the

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16 Nov 2019

Tips for running a more successful interview

As more businesses fight to attract the right hires, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find the right person to fill the right role. Jobseekers have more demands than ever,

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24 Oct 2019

Home truths: Have your say about energy

Have your say on Bournemouth energy! A new poll found that almost half of the respondents from Dorset aren’t aware that gas boilers are one of the main ways households

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19 Oct 2019

Does your business need a facelift?

Many local business owners gradually come to the realisation that their company could do with a bit of a refresh. This is not always an easy decision to make, as

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16 Oct 2019

How to buy a great suit

There is nothing more powerful in a man’s wardrobe than a well-fitted, tailored suit. Buying a suit, however, isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Some may even say that it’s

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23 Sep 2019

How to Cut Your Carbon Footprint: Four Eco-Friendly Tips

One of the biggest challenges facing our generation is how to tackle climate change. Recent actions across the globe have shown that as individuals, we have the power to do

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