20 Jul 2020

“I’m going to murder you”

Have you ever had the police come into your house and tear the place up looking for someone they released onto the streets 3 days ago? No, I thought not.

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Bournemouth beach Sandbanks Poole
19 Jul 2020

Bournemouth: make a night of it

Have you seen the new TV advert promoting Bournemouth? Entitled ‘Make a day of it’, it encourages tourists to come down in winter to enjoy our Christmas entertainment and do

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14 Jul 2020

The new normal: home offices

Feeling cabin fever? We are all adapting to the new normal and part of that, for lots of us, means working from home. So if you are lucky enough to

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06 Jul 2020

The new normal: no coverage no fee PR

So many of us have had to pivot home businesses or seek new employment in lockdown. If you are an existing business reopening shortly, a little local leverage with the

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01 Jun 2020

Car dealerships reopen! Here’s how it will work

Having no car in lockdown has been torture. When I could only go out for 20 minutes, I couldn’t walk further than the corner shop! I must have spent a

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30 May 2020

Corner shops see COVID-19 boom

Convenience stores are a lifesaver in lockdown, especially when avoiding public transport and limiting daily exercise to 20 minutes. My friendly Premier Store shopkeeper sees me almost daily and the

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26 May 2020

Shops to reopen June 15 – how is that going to work?

My Mum is one of many pleased to hear shops are due to reopen mid-June. She’s not a fan of online shopping and there are some things you can’t get

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24 May 2020

Fear of flying: added extras that’ll help you cope

It takes a lot to get me on a plane. I really hate to fly, it makes me anxious, no matter how many times I’ve read the safety stats or

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14 May 2020

New ideas for your hair

We are all missing our hardressers. I can’t even decide where to go for dry Dry shampoo! Batiste is the best but that is more than a 20 minute walk

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12 May 2020

Getting a job during the new normal

So we all want a purpose during lockdown. But not many firms are hiring, mostly due to the cost of new safety measures and the fact they’ve had to shut

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