15 Dec 2014

Gratitude not attitude

I’ve been keeping a ‘gratitude, not attitude’ diary for a week now. The reason? It was pointed out to me I look like I’ve got an ‘attitude'; I’m a bitch;

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11 Dec 2014

The breakup bucket list

Have you ever heard of a breakup bucket list? After my relationship ended, I made a list of things I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to. Inspired by

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10 Dec 2014

Let’s all geek out for a minute…

… and talk about the Top 10 Tech predictions for 2015. Yeah, this shizzle gets me excited. Biometrics and tokenisation lead the list in the whitepaper available for free download from

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09 Dec 2014

Struggling to sleep? Blame the Full Moon (yes, really)

Did you get much sleep this weekend? Me neither. But research shows it’s not just werewolves and vampires who get little or no sleep when there is a full moon.

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09 Dec 2014

Affordable PR for Bournemouth businesses from £25

PR Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) in the Age of Google from We Need a Resolution We offer several different types of affordable promotion opportunities. Until December 12, you can book via

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08 Dec 2014

Wellbeing, perfectionism and procrastination

What is wellbeing? I’ve spent the past 35 years trying to figure that out – and I am happier now that I can admit I don’t know. You can define

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13 Nov 2014

Budget Christmas: top tips and best buys

Christmas 2014 on Pinterest 40% off pre-Christmas pampering Student savings over Christmas Save money this Christmas! We will be adding stocking fillers, budget buys and special offers to Pinterest daily.

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08 Oct 2014

Do you love what you do?

The latest tragedy in formula 1 – Jules Bianchi’s horrific crash – has made me think – why do people do this? Why do people go to work somewhere that

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28 Sep 2014

Joan Rivers: Before they close the lid…

I was updating the listings this morning when I noticed Joan Rivers was due to appear in Bournemouth at the BIC next month. In a show called ‘Before they close

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19 Sep 2014

What motivates you?

What motivates you? It’s a question that those in business ask themselves frequently – and, ironically, the more successful you are the more you need to take care of your

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