29 May 2019

Staycation in Weymouth this summer

Recent research published in The Sun has listed Weymouth as one of the top five locations in the UK for a staycation. Of course, we have wonderful facilities, award-winning beaches and

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28 May 2019

Deal of the day: Provence Rosé on The Terrace at St Ermin’s, Westminster

Heading to London this summer? Make the most out of the capital sun by enjoying a glass of rose on the terrace at St Ermin’s The Terrace. Perfect for a

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25 May 2019

Perfect picnics with Poundland

Who’s ready for a summer of fun? We are! ☀️ Find your nearest @pepandco: https://t.co/apsRITxtpY pic.twitter.com/Cx3blRisEl — Poundland (@Poundland) May 28, 2019 Fancy a picnic on the beach for less

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20 May 2019

Spain-Holiday.com reveals top blue flag beaches for families this summer

Spain boasts 669 Blue Flag awards including 566 Spanish beaches, 98 marina resorts and 5 sustainable tourist boat operators. The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has announced this week the beaches, ports and

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16 May 2019

Recipe: Try Pineberries

Strawberries are out; pineberries are in! This quirky fruit is once again being stocked at Waitrose, just in time for my birthday festivities. The unique, tiny berries are white and

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12 May 2019

Top 10 most visited attractions ‘are London-based’

We may be popular with tourists in the summer but in turns out that the top 10 tourist attractions are in the capital. London’s visitor attractions have welcomed 67, 640, 804 people –

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10 May 2019

Exclusive roses launch at Haskins for summer festival

The rose festival at Haskins is the perfect way to mark the start – and scent – of summer. It kicks off next Thursday and runs until July 25. The

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08 May 2019

On World No Tobacco Day, Time to Stub Out for Good

It’s World No Tobacco Day later this month, on the last day of May, and people in Bournemouth and, indeed, right around the UK who smoke cigarettes are being urged

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20 Apr 2019

VApril Is Here to Help You Kick the Habit

It’s VApril, and if you’re a smoker, there’s never been a better time to give up. It’s the second annual vaping awareness and education campaign taking place around the UK,

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10 Apr 2019

Perfect candles to welcome in summer

We all love a scented candle as part of our spring clean regime. Here are our recommendations for 2019. The Evermore London Candle Collection includes: Moon Candle Smoke & Night

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