25 Mar 2020

If you are #selfisolating follow The Big Bakes #Socialdistancinguk

  If you’re self-isolating and planning to do some baking, do you have any baking questions our Head Bakers can help with?? Shoot them over! #bakinghelp #bakingquestions #askabaker #lovebaking pic.twitter.com/Qlgo0W4NH3

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06 Jan 2020

Moving To Dorset? How To Settle In Quickly And Really Make Yourself At Home

A beautiful county in the heart of the West Country, Dorset is a great place to visit, but it’s also a phenomenal part of the UK to make your home

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15 Dec 2019

Best self-catering holidays in Dorset

Want a holiday with all your home comforts? Self-catering is the way to go. And we are lucky enough to have some amazing properties, with Grade II listed features painstakely

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29 Jul 2019

Dorset property information from Home.co.uk

Please follow the links below for the latest data provided by Home.co.uk on the property housing market in Dorset. The data in these pages may provide some context for your article. Dorset Local

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02 Jul 2019

Essentials for Making Home Improvements

One of the most exciting things about owning your own home is the freedom that you have. You can choose to renovate and redesign it any time you want. Although

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02 Jul 2019

Why adding a lift can boost your home’s value

If you struggle with mobility issues each day, a home lift could transform your quality of life. Rather than cautiously tackling the stairs multiple times per day – or avoiding

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15 Mar 2019

10 Tips To Sell Your Home

Trying to sell a flat in Bournemouth? Terry’s Fabrics conducted a survey to find out what makes UK buyers receptive to purchasing a new pad, and asked for some expert advice

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16 Jan 2019

Four home projects for 2019

Every home can do with an update now and then, and if this is the year that you’ve determined your own home will get a new look and a freshen

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15 Dec 2018

Meyers finalists in Best Estate Agent Guide 2019

Dorset estate agents Meyers are officially in the top four per cent in the UK; and has been awarded a place in the Best Estate Agent Guide 2019 as a

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30 Oct 2018

Reports: Bournemouth’s Real Estate Market Outperforming the National Average

While the country’s property market is holding firm, Bournemouth seems to be outperforming the national average on many fronts. Not only are property prices increasing and demand is on the

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